Action Alert: Call Your Senators to demand they Honor Budget Caps

Dear Patriots,

Please call your Senators to support Senator Rand Paul's Point of Order to force Congress to honor the Budget Caps. If they aren't honored, then we'll loss the tax cuts we just got to inflation. See all pernicious (and profitable to those with money) effects of inflation here

" Calling all conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who believes in limited government: call your legislatures and say don’t exceed the budget caps and vote for Rand Paul’s point of order, which will prevent us from exceeding the budget caps."

Here is his video on Twitter

The Larcenous Class control both parties and they are Masters of presenting Pyrrhic victories where the hope of economic freedom and prosperity turn to want and poverty. This is why the individual mandate still exists in the tax code, just the "Responsibility" fine in the tax code for not having Health Insurance is $0 (zero) rather than actually repeal.

The only cure is still full repeal of Obamacare and deep, immediate cuts in spending. Republican control can slip away very fast and we'll then be back to really totalitarian government, where law is perverted and theft and persecution grow ever more indifferent to depravity as checks and balances further erode.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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