Action Alert: Full Repeal of #Obamacare on #DayOne is possible

Dear Patriots,
Please pick up the phone or email your Senators and Congressmen today. Ask them to submit the Bill for FULL Repeal of Obamacare.
A note on the Crony 21st Century Cures Act, it passed both the House and Senate and now Mitch McConnell will name a part of it after Joe Biden's son, Beau. Joe Biden is now talking running for President in 2020.
The pork for R&D will harm the innovation that would develop in free markets, disproportionately harming the sick and dying. What little is created by this pork, he'll use to promulgate fascism as a "good", and all with the aid of Republicans.
The opioid addiction money will disappear into State budgets
Let them know that the good, reorganizing the FDA, could have been done under its own Bill in the new year.
Thanks for your efforts,
In Liberty,
Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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