Action Alert: The GOP Establishment Wants to Spend MORE of our Money

Dear Patriots,

The GOP establishment has gotten a majority. Unfortunately it doesn't appear McConnell, Boehner or Ryan are willing to actually cut government, nor do anything substantive to end the lawlessness within a too big, corrupt government. Here is Jim Demint on just some of the pressing issues that need to be SUCCESSFULLY defunded or stopped in the Lame Duck session which shouldn't even occur under regular order.

Please call your incumbent or new Senator or Congressman and demand they NET cut spending. They must do it early in the election cycle or even bigger govt Democrats will take back control in 2016 due to the change in those that vote in Presidential elections. Much of the spending is used for political money laundering purpose and unless the GOP pulls the plug on it, this will fund a new wave of progressive big government.

A note to Virginians: Please join me this Thursday in Richmond to fight for property rights of our farmers. We need to repeal tax breaks that codify the limits of land use and subsequent harassment of working farms. We will be at the Bell Tower at the Capitol at 9:00 am.

See detail here:

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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