Beware Pro-Child Trafficking Immigration "Reform"

We can survive open borders. We can't survive Welfare (Corporate and Individual) AND open borders.

Call your Representatives and Senators to directly address the governments incentives for adult and child trafficking. We are suffering the lowest labor participation since Carter and it has continued a downward trend. Minorities are getting hit the hardest but so to is the STEM and other college graduates.

Call on your Reps to be skeptical and outright reject anything that doesn't include ending the "Boston Bomber Refugee to Welfare" visa, anchor babies and other incentives. We are Americans if our parents are Americans, no matter what country we are born in. This should be true for any non-citizen born in our Country. We parents become citizens, so too should their minor children. Our govt is the cause of human and child trafficking. It stems from the unconstitutional Corporate Welfare that drives unemployment which then causes the crony socialists to expand the welfare State for their "fair share" of the plundering as unemployment again rises in response to the increased theft. 

Anything that doesn't eliminate the root cause will only expand government as we've seen by Obama's opening "cure", his three billion plus request to politically money launder before the election with less than 5% of that money going to actual border operations.

Sadly, John McCain and Jeff Flake are both pushing expanding the "Refugee to Welfare" visa by 5,000 for each Central American Country whose govt is as corrupt and totalitarian, with crime rates just as bad as Chicago demanding their own extortion. Pro child trafficker, Rahm Emmanuel,  wants 1,000 of these children housed in his city where plenty of kids die every week. Many of our govt officials are predators. These children need to mostly be sent home along with the parents or relatives who funded their dangerous journey. These countries have a responsibility and we need folks to understand that this isn't the way to the American Dream, if we can but save it from our lawless and larcenous govt.

We need an employment based immigration system that can be navigated easily with basic language skills from documentation to back ground checks. As an employer I'd like to vet the local and US market for viable candidates but feel our local and State entitlement system and propped up housing markets comes close to eliminating mobility. This needs to be remedied but can be only compassionately done, if the $1.2 trillion Corporate Welfare is cut first. This stimulates massive job growth which within 18 months creates more than the crony & govt jobs eliminated.When Coolidge did it, we were rocketing toward full employment within two years..thus the roaring 20s.

Temporary visa holders should not be forced to participate in an entitlement system they aren't eligible for but rather through labor law purchase their own retirement plans, health insurance and disability.

Employers, even low wage employers, shouldn't shift their costs. Indeed we should end subsidies to all markets including farming. Low wage jobs would compete with the incentive to innovate to control costs and would reduce high failure rate farming in ecologically fragile, high risk places.

My guess is volume would increase in hospitable regions, crop rotation would become common sense again and prices would remain stable.

In liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC


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