I really enjoyed Clint Eastwood's “Unscripted” presentation at the G.O.P. Convention. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, both made their points well, BUT all the King's Horses, and all the King's men can not convince me to support “Unfit-Mitt.” Swiss Bank Accounts, and money in the Cayman Islands?

Here we go, if he was as Pro-Family, as he pretends to be, why would he permit (as a member of the board of directors of Marriott Corp.) Pornography on the T.V.,s in Marriott hotel rooms. After that vote, he should have resigned.

If he is FOR “Traditional Marriage,” WHY would he tell voters in Massachusetts that HE would be better for Gay Rights than Ted Kennedy? More importantly, WHY (as Governor) would he force all the Justices of the piece to perform Same Sex Marriages, when the State Constitution clearly requires the laws governing marriage to be passed by the legislature? What happen to his “Oath of Office?”

When he took over the Olympics and “Saved” them, WHY would he get rid of the Boy Scouts, without giving a reason (at THAT TIME). Was it because his friends in the Log Cabin Republicans wanted him to do it? What OTHER promises has he made to a group of people, who believe Abraham Lincoln was a practicing homosexual?

If Mitt Romney is Pro-Life, WHY would he not VETO the $50 Co-Pay for a “Taxpayer” supported Abortion in his Romney-Care Mandate? I could go on, and on about WHY “Unfit-Mitt” is a Weasel, but the reader can judge for themselves in the following links.



How let's move on to the OTHER WEASEL, Barack Obama. This man, with a stolen Social Security number, has done more to destroy America, than any other President in my life-time (I.M.O.)!

If he is NOT a raciest, then fire Erick Holder, who refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers, that clearly attempted to intimidate voters in 2008.

AND let's not forget Holder's refusal to turn over vital documents connected with the “Fast, and Furious” scandal.

If President Obama is NOT a Marxist, then stop trying to “Redistribute the Wealth” of those who have achieved the American Dream! http://www.usdebtclock.org/

If he is NOT trying to destroy Medicare, then Stop looting 700+ Billion from it to pay for Obama-Care!

His list of High Crimes, and Misdemeanors, makes Richard Nixon look like Shirley Temple (I.M.O.).

Anyone wishing to understand this man should go and see the movie 2016.


SSN 042-68-4425‏ Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel - 5/18/11


So what am I to do? Vote for the lesser of TWO WEASELS? Not this time! In a perfect would, Weasel two (Unfit-Mitt) would lose to Weasel one (Obama), and then Obama would be Impeached!

Of course that would leave us with a complete idiot (Biden) in the White House! No, I guess I will just write in Ryan/Rubio and let God sort it out.

If the G.O.P. “Establishment” had gotten out of the way, and let the TEA Party Republicans give us a Ryan/Rubio ticket, this would have been a slam dunk!

Michael W. Calsetta

“Another Democrat For West”

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