Every poll must be watched, Every list must be cleaned.

To: The CDA Network (And Friends)

In close races, like the ones expected in Nevada and Florida for the U.S. Senate,Every poll must be watched, Every list must be cleaned. (See Article Link below) and many thinks to several folks who sent me this article. Attachment Subject: Angle piece on AT July 06, 2010


Sometimes it takes a Democrat to understand one (especially when our enemies are Liberal Dems). The Liberals know they are in BIG trouble.

So..., having no moral compass..., there is nothing they won't do to save their big government, tax and spending power! This includes “Chicago Style Politics” and YES, There will be attempted voter fraud!

THE most pressing problem for Sharon Angle, is Money! Please consider sending a contribution to: “Friends of Sharon Angle,” P.O. Box 33058, Reno, NV 89533. The Democratic National Committee is reportedly pouring money into this race (hand over fist) because President Obama has made keeping Harry Reid a must win battle.

On the Marco Rubio front, there is very little we can do, so long as Marco refuses to set up a separate coalition to attract Conservative Democrats. I composed an “Open Letter to Marco” which should find it's way into the local Florida Newspapers (See Open Letter to Marco).

In a separate letter to the campaign manager, I said: ”While I continue to hope and believe that Marco will win, conservatives like myself, must face the possibility that he may lose. In such a case, I want to feel that I did everything possible to insure that a campaign run coalition of Conservative Democrats makes a difference in this election.”

You can lead a horse to water, but...

I also said: As you know, Crist's new website has a kind of “TEA Party” look, while Marco's continues to reflect an appeal to Liberal Republicans (Re: Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani), I hope you will develop Palm Cards that reflect Marco’s true “Conservative” views on the issues?

At this point, I would settle for “Another Democrat for Rubio” bumper-stickers?

Don't forget to pray for these campaigns and all the others attempting to “Clean House” in November!

Best Wishes,

Michael W. Calsetta

The Conservative Democratic Alliance

An “Open Letter to Marco Rubio” July 23, 2010


While you’ve won your primary, Governor Crist is going after Anglo voters and Democrats big time. By NOT establishing “Democrats For Rubio,” you’re giving your opponent an advantage?

You went from a commanding lead in the polls to being too close to call for three reasons.

#1. The G.O.P. “Establishment” has egg on its face because they backed the wrong horse. Republicans sticking with Crist are not Conservatives and couldn’t care less about reforming the G.O.P.

#2. Liberal Democrats know their candidates are too weak to win.


#3. And here is the real problem! There is an ugly anti-Latino Storm building over this NEW Arizona Law. It's strongest among the very Anglo voters you need to win. Conservative voters (regardless of political affiliation) awaiting a similar Florida law are buying what Crist is selling. Charlie knows he has no shot at the Latino vote, so he is going after the “anti-Latino” vote. His pitch to Liberal Democrats is simple. Your candidates have NO chance, so vote for me and give the TEA Party a black eye.

Sounds like a perfect “Obama Hugging Plan” because he may caucus withthe Democrats, if he wins? If you don't establish Democrats For Rubio, sooner rather than later, you could lose this race?
Conservative Democrats are just waiting for you to seek their support. Don't let Charlie steal the “Blue Dogs.”

As for the TEA Party folks, they need to watch out for serious voter fraud this year.


Let’s get those dead voters and/or ACORN-fed illegals off the lists before election day!

Michael W. Calsetta
“Another Democrat For Rubio”

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IMO...If enough of the TEA Party Movement membership don't become poll watchers in the next four weeks (Nationally), we will be up to our eyeballs in voter fraud! ACORN is still out there planning and working (Quietly)

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