FINALLY... a TEA Party Leader SPEAKS OUT on a Religious Issue (Bravo)!

To: The C.D.A. Network (And Friends)

FINALLY... a TEA Party Leader SPEAKS OUT on a Religious Issue (Bravo)!

Our Founding Fathers would be flabbergasted at the T.P.P. for a majority of it's “Original” members forbidding discussions of Religious matters on it's website, or within a movement designed to take America back form the “Radically Wrong!”

WHY would we even consider rebuilding our Republic, or any house, upon a weaken foundation? For the TEA Party Patriots to continue it's BAN on discussion of Religion or Religious maters in order to endear themselves to non-believers, and/or Libertarians (who don't care about the Social issues) makes no sense!

It's clear to all that we have two deficits, a financial deficit, AND a “Deficit of Decency.”

As long as President Obama continues to divide Financial Conservatives, from Social Conservatives, and/or the G.O.P. Religious Right, he may indeed win re-election in 2012.

BTW.... I'm a Catholic, and a Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus. I totally agree with MY D.C. TEA Party leader on her message to the Conference of Catholic Bishops.

A message to all members of Tea Party WDC

I [rarely] speak on religious and social issues but it is self-evident that our moral decline as a Nation coincides with the growth of government and its distortion of natural law that has led us to this point where bad behavior is subsidized and hence good behavior is punished. John Paul II was VERY clear on the perils of the welfare state and put forth a clear doctrinal position in support of limited government

As a Catholic living inside the beltway, I've watched the legislative activity of the US Conference of Catholic Bishop's urge big government policies, depriving us of natural law and subsidiarism. We have a crisis in the church and the Bishop's need to come clean that their promotion of utopian and financially destructive universal healthcare that deprives us of freedom has led them to their loss of freedom.

If you are Catholic, please call your parish priest and Bishop and share this email. Urge them to join the Tea Party and learn how limited government better serves their flock and produces the freedom that allows us to fully develop the gifts God has given so we can better serve Him.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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