To: The Conservative Democratic Alliance Network (And Friends).


WE lost a large number of “Blue Dogs” in 2010. Their voting records did not matter!

Even those who voted against Obama-Care and/or the bail outs lost their seats.


Now it's time to get rid of some Liberal Democrats,

beginning with Obama! (see e-mail below)


Most of our members seem to like G.O.P. Candidate Herman Cain, because he is plain-spoken and offers specific plans for taking America back from the “Radically Wrong.”


In addition, NO ONE will be able to play “The Race Card” against Him.


In any event, WHO DO YOU SUPPORT, among the G.O.P. Contenders?

Please respond (regardless of your current voter registration)


Thank You for your consideration and...

Best Wishes,

Michael W. Calsettta


Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 09:31:14 -0700
To: Michael W. Calsetta
Subject: Glenn Beck counts down to ONE MORE YEAR of Obama!

Dear Michael W.,

The race is on, and the clock is ticking!

In one year, America will choose to re-elect Obama and follow the path toward the end of our nation...

...or we will choose a new course, and a re-commitment to the principles that made this nation great.

Because the very fate of America is at stake, Glenn Beck has helped launch FreedomWorks for America's "FIRE OBAMA!" MONEYBOMB!

According to Glenn --
"With grassroots organization, [The Left] can be outfought. That's why I've volunteered to help raise the money to build the infrastructure to save America ... We must have your help...

Glenn's right! FreedomWorks for America will be working day and night over the next year to guarantee that we Take America Back from the disastrous course Mr. Obama is setting. It's time to FIRE HIM, and save America's future before it's too late...

Here are some GREAT “Freedom Works” ideas that the TPP should consider? ]


  • A state-of-the-art Voice over Internet (VoI) Phone Banking System which allows volunteers from anywhere to make calls directly to specially-targeted voting households. Even if your state is dead-red or deep blue, you can make calls FOR FREE directly into the most critical battleground states, and report result instantly to our database.

  • GPS-directed door-to-door walks in high-density target precincts which are pre-identified by sophisticated data analysis software. This cutting edge technology will produce geo-targeted walking maps and allow real-time data reporting directly on mobile devices.

  • Geo-targeted online ad campaigns in heavily Republican counties to maximize turnout and even promote and provide Absentee Voting to stack the deck with anti-Obama ballots.

  • -- a brand-new website which will serve as our online "election nerve center" -- will also integrate with our revolutionary FreedomConnector activist networking platform to facilitate communication and collaboration among the grassroots.

  • Targeted sign-blitzes, coordinated online between local and national distribution centers to allow for instantaneous coordination and "shock and awe" speed of deployment.

Glenn Beck has partnered with FreedomWorks for America because he believes our grassroots approach is the most effective way to win in the 2012 Elections....

With your help, I'm confident we can FIRE OBAMA in 2012 and return America to the principles that made us the greatest nation in the world. Thanks in advance for your continued support.


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks



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