Next year Virginia has a Governor's race pitting Attorney General Ken Cuchinelli (R) against Terry McAuliffe. John Fund has written a fair piece on it. See details here 


As a Tea Party leader I always ask myself what platform would limit government and speak to everyones concerns.

For small business owners and consumers, we need to eliminate the “job creation” crony corporatism fund that has spent $165 millions to "create jobs" these past two years even as taxes and expenses go up for small businesses and our consumers. We need to end all taxpayer funded “marketing funds”. This has always been the cost of doing business and with today's technology and the strong, well-established immigrant population, there are plenty of folks that could make in Country contacts almost everywhere to negotiate contracts, understand political risks and position Virginia companies for export growth.

We need to change the oil/gas revenue share law for off shore drilling. Rather than have the 37% renevue share pay to the General Fund, it should pay 50% revenue share to Virignians in lieu of Federal Medicaid for instance should Obama let us drill off shore. This is similar to how Alaska redistributes revenue share. We must avoid the inclination of resource rich nations to centralize power. In every Country where natural resource revenue goes to and supports most of the general fund, we lose freedom such as Sweden where home schooling and religion in the class room has been outlawed, curriculums are now uniform and performance is plunging.

We need to cap government employee pensions before it becomes more underfunded. This then allows government employees to build real retirment in contributory accounts. With bankrupcy threatening so many States workers, addressing the problem now if best for all concerned.

We should support a Virginia Constitutional amendment that allows us to fund only the poor on a State level to ANY accredited school and then privatize all public schools. The only way to take back our schools, is to take back our rights and responsibilities to direct and pay for our own children’s education. Most of us can afford to pay tuition directly with lower tax and costs  that privatization would spur and more and better options would emerge along with more jobs.

We should end all government "investing" and mandates for this manipulates price and risk and is harmful to the over all economy. We must remove regulatory protections to broaden competition, innovation and rebuild banking, insurance and a thousand other industries that have been suppressed by government depriving them of capital and opportunity. A perfect example of mandates that should be repealed is all of the health insurance mandates that have been passed in Virginia these last ten years that have increased the costs to the point that only the wealthy can affordably buy individual insurance.

The latest mandate was to cover autism and yet with a fully private education system, parents will then have the ability to send their child to one they either arrange themselves or one arranged by an entreprenuer for those particular kids needs. It could be a rider (an option) for a health insurance policy but not a mandatory one. In the free medical and education setting, the State would regulate and local would oversee along with parents to keep bad players out of the education market. Services that these kids need could be considered part of their education, rather than a forced mandated coverage under health insurance.

We Virginians have a way of rejecting Federal funding without it impacting services. If we can redesign social service entirely based on State funds, we can end cronyism, privatize all government run enterprise and offer fully portable benefits for the poor anywhere in the market.

This is pro-life, because the money follows the poor child, mother, sick, disabled etc so that they have some of their rights and responsibilities returned to them despite the portable subsidy. Because government spending is reduced, there would be more jobs and hence an economic opportunity to have and personally raise ones kids. (See birthrate decline as govt debt and spending increase).

I hope you'll take a moment to imagine what limited government would mean to you today and what would it look like after the market corrected from the ending of unconstitutional federal funding. Most unconstitutional federal laws stand because States won't refuse the money. Without the money those laws must be repealed.

What would you do if you were truly free? What would you build? What would you try your hand at? What need could you fulfill? How would you live your potential?

In liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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