Join the Protest Tomorrow Against the Iran Deal & Bailout of Middle East Countries

Dear Patriots,

Aside from the outrageous lack of international oversight, the Iran Deal is a Bailout of wealthy Middle Eastern Countries that American taxpayers simply can't afford. The Iranian money being returned will infill Iran's cratering economy, so this is a minor issue that will have little impact on their nuclear ambitions.

There is little Republican public support for the Iranian Deal, but these Bailouts are supported by the Larcenous Class on all sides, domestically and internationally.

Join us on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington D.C. at 1 PM on September 9, 2015.

Please note I do not support all of the speakers. I will likely get back to work the moment Frank Gaffney hits the stage. His unfounded accusations and his prejudicial race baiting are not welcome. A deal can be made, a good deal for Iran, all the other Middle Eastern Countries and most importantly, for Americans.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller


Tea Party WDC 

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