Monopoly Govt Schools & their Mass Shooters

Dear Patriots,

The school in Florida that suffered the terrible loss of life was warned by students, knew the Florida shooter was violent and did nothing. The police were warned more than 30 times and did nothing. The FBI were warned twice and did nothing.

And the reason they did nothing is, their students and citizen clients aren't their main focus.

Now big government politicians blame guns, are fomenting hate to "win" the next election, when it is VERY clear that this disturbed young man would have used a knife to kill 17 students had that been his only alternative.

The only way this could have been prevented is if the schools and healthcare were privatized and only the poor were funded at the State level or lower to ANY accredited school or healthcare facility. And yes, that means everyone else pays for their children's education.

Had the killer's mother, prior to her death, had a choice, she would have likely sent him to a "boarding school" that could address both his education and clear mental health issues, a place that is either a gateway to a productive life or a transition into a mental institution.

But Government monopolies will never acknowledge that they are the problem and therefore they will never serve the students nor the community.

Call your Senators, Congressmen, State Representatives, local City and County Councils and Boards and let them know that LESS Government and more choice is the only cure to the mass shooters they produce.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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