Dear Patriots,

Progressive big government business wants a Chris Christie/Hillary Clinton match up so no matter what, in 2016, they win. See a sampling of big business that fuels both sides of big government. With crony GDP growth thru exports, the slow destruction of everyday Americans through government spending is less of a concern for our politicians and big business.  Cronies and the political establishment's priorities are clear in their push for amnesty and more immigration while we suffer the lowest labor participation rate in thirty years in both high and low skilled labor. We've also have a developing National Security risk thru the Visa programs that imports willing crony investors who are often cronies of other governments. Politicians like Terry McAuliffe and Harry Reid are promising tax payer subsidies, lower labor costs and private profit opportunities.

Donate to your pick of favorite GOP challengers to Democrats in more conservative districts and States such as  running against Senator Kay Hagan(D) and viable primary challengers to establishment, big government GOP such as challenge Senator Mitch McConnell. 

The latest Establishment tactics are the reasons you should commit to supporting several primary candidates in 2014 in addition to the activities you participate in and support locally.

The RNC is setting up infrastructure before the primaries. Heritage Action has a ground game they've been developing for quite some time in key States and should expand this with your donations to limit government.

A lot of research needs to be done to see if the Democrat challenger or GOP primary challenger is worthy of your hard earned money. Votes for rolling back Sequestration is a good indicator of the GOP incumbent's inclination as is any sponsored legislation such as the GOP picked challenger to Senator Mary Landrieu (D), Congressman Bill Cassidy, whose Bill delays and or reduces increased premiums to the Federal Flood program that currently incentivizes building and rebuilding in tidal surge, flood plans and bathtubs like the 9th ward in New Orleans or the Jersey Shore. This type of crony redistribution keeps most of the involved States population cash poor and in "need" of perpetual premium and welfare subsidies for the poor, middle and upper class because it demands a higher cost of infrastructure for roads, bridges, airports, dikes and more. Flood premium subsidy is as important to stop as Farm subsidies and other Corporate and Crony welfare. Each State has their favorite transfers.

Rob Maness  is courting and supported by some Tea Party in the GOP primary but I've yet to get an answer on where he stands on insureds eventually paying the full cost of the flood risk and how he'd support State based, free market adaptation to reduce their risks, costs and premiums and be self-reliant and self-insured for expected weather events and thus freeing up money, time and attention for more productive things and making it a better, less expensive environment for business development.

There is no substitute for primary source candidate research in deciding who you support and it raises your personal situational awareness of different States statistic and culture and the candidate in the process. For those with less time, secondary sources such as Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Americans for Prosperity and Tea Party Patriots PAC all have criteria for deciding who they will support and policies they may not support that aren't necessarily what you'd deem limited govt. Each group has different criteria and scoring so understanding HOW they score is an important piece of homework and will make you more confident in supporting their efforts thru these organizations or directly to the candidates you mutually support.

Make a 2014 New Years resolution today to find five to ten candidates you'll donate to and promote to other activists today and till election day. The only solution is to reduce government now and sequestration, if honored would have only permitted Congress to shift the deck chairs on our way to an impoverished America with still a growing budget year over year. The Sequestration constraints would have produced deeper and more permanent cuts, especially in both govt pensions and entitlements in order to free up enough money to toss on the table to give cronies a taste of more plunder and keep them motivated.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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