Pope Benedict and US Bishops Should Join the Tea Party!

I rarily speak on religious and social issues but it is self-evident that our moral decline as a Nation coincides with the growth of government and its distortion of natural law that has led us to this point where bad behavior is subsidized and hence good behavior is punished. John Paul II was VERY clear on the perils of the welfare state and put forth a clear doctrinal position in support of limited government based on subsidiarity. http://www.acton.org/pub/religion-liberty/volume-6-number-4/princip... 


1991 encyclical Centesimus Annus by Pope John Paul II:

“In recent years the range of such intervention has vastly expanded, to the point of creating a new type of state, the so-called ‘Welfare State.’ This has happened in some countries in order to respond better to many needs and demands by remedying forms of poverty and deprivation unworthy of the human person. However, excesses and abuses, especially in recent years, have provoke very harsh criticisms of the Welfare State, dubbed the ‘Social Assistance State.’ Malfunctions and defects in the Social Assistance State are the result of an inadequate understanding of the tasks proper to the State. Here again the principle of subsidiarity must be respected: a community of a higher order should not interfere in the internal life of a community of a lower order, depriving the latter of its functions, but rather should support it in case of need and help to coordinate its activity with the activities of the rest of society, always with a view to the common good. “By intervening directly and depriving society of its responsibility, the Social Assistance State leads to a loss of human energies and an inordinate increase of public agencies, which are dominated more by bureaucratic thinking than by concern for serving their clients, and which are accompanied by an enormous increase in spending, In fact, it would appear that needs are best understood and satisfied by people who are closest to them who act as neighbors to those in need. It should be added that certain kinds of demands often call for a response which is not simply material but which is capable of perceiving the deeper human need.”


The Tea Party's main tenants are fiscal responsibility, Constitutional limited government and free markets. To clarify what "Free Markets" are, they are free of government usurpation and participation. It limits government to regulation and oversight of "free markets" and returns to commerce, charity and the individual their rights AND responsibilities.


As a Catholic living inside the Washington DC beltway, I've watched the legislative activity of the US Conference of Catholic Bishop's urge big government policies, depriving us of natural law and subsidiarism. We have a crisis in the church and the Bishop's need to come clean that their promotion of utopian and financially destructive universal healthcare deprives us of freedom and brings us ever closer to our own Greece-like collapse. 



The Church is now being tempted to support vouchers because Catholics are being impoverished by government spending.  The US Bishops should support the elimination of the Department of Education and the privatization of all public and charter schools. They should support means-tested funding thru reciepients paid for by individuals, charity, local and at most, State level for fully portable, minimal education benefits. Individuals, charities, local and State should regulate and over see accreditation but the State should not run any schools.


If they fall to this temptation, their curriculum will be mandated by the State as it is in Sweden, they'll lose control over tuition pricing and will help develop the secularism that is destroying them. Central funding has always led to loss of freedom and President Obama or any future President will be able to impose their ideology on Catholic schools if they can take over parents responsibility to pay for their own children. http://www.educationnews.org/articles/obama-administration-to-impos...


If you are Catholic, please call your parish priest and Bishop and share this email. Urge them to join the Tea Party and learn how limited government better serves their flock and produces the freedom that allows us to fully develop the gifts God has given so we can better serve Him.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC


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As a Catholic I have probably ticked off everyone of at my knights (KofC) meetings at one time or another.  I can't tell you how many times I have been told that the Catholic church supports Socialism.  This drives me crazy.  Thanks for putting us on to the Popes encylical.  I had know Idea he had addressed this.  Its is exactly what I have agued for and against.  Its time to start working on my priest.

Thanks Steve. It is good to hear positive feedback. I love the church and pray this helps.

Dear Lisa.

"As long as President Obama continues to divide Financial Conservatives, from Social Conservatives, and/or the G.O.P. Religious Right, he may indeed win re-election in 2012."

As you now know, I'm also a Catholic, and a Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus. I totally agree with you and your message to the Conference of Catholic Bishops. Let's hope the T.P.P. wakes up about the need to discuss religious matters (especially Religious Freedom, and the 1st Amendment).

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