.@realDonaldTrump CheckList: Pork Projects, Debt & Impoverish Americans - Obama 3.0 #LarcenousClass

Dear Patriots,

Donald Trump says in the below interview with Sean Hannity that he's going to rack up debt, not going to balance the budget, then gives the false choice that our military needs to be rebuilt when billions is spent in fraud, waste, abuse and unconstitutional intervention that exacerbates National Security issues. 


He implies that the boondoogles he's identified will "help" the economy when we all know how that turned out under Obama.

Debt and spending are our greatest National Security issues. We've $1.2 Trillion in baked in Corporate Welfare that could be cut. And cutting taxes without cutting spending will undermine our financial condition, while mitigating the short-term early stages of the cancer of debt that is and will consume us.

The lie that we can lower taxes without lower spending will not and never does end well.

Given that the Federal Reserve is letting inflation run "hot", the great lie will be that higher prices is a "win", when Americans can afford less.

His last bit of foolishness with Mexico and a wall no one wants to pay for, shows he doesn't understand that removing ALL incentives to come here illegally, enforcing the law and deporting criminal aliens is the best method of addressing it. Immigration should be employment base and not undermine Americans employment opportunities.

Please let your Representatives know that Donald Trump can deeply cut unconstitutional, destructive domestic spending by immediate FULL repeal of Obamacare and the $1.2 Trillion in baked in Corporate Welfare. Cut non-military Defense crony appropriations that have NOTHING to do with military readiness or capability and STILL have the best Military on the planet.

Just a reminder, every day Obamacare premiums & deductibles destroy Americans. Any delay has an immediate harmful impact on Americans. The Larcenous Class is delaying full repeal, some pushing partial repeal, when the US Supreme Court and CBO say if part goes, all must go. http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2017/01/25/gop-acknowledges-it-wont-m... Demand full, immediate repeal.

We have a spending problem that causes corruption and poverty and is our greatest National Security threat we face.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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