We all know that “Voter Fraud” by Liberal Democrats is coming! My worst fear, as a “Reagan Democrat,” is if I die tomorrow, I will become an absentee ballot for Charlie Crist as the next governor of Florida. 

If you lhave friends and/or family living in Florida, then you need to pass this information along to them. Which ever political party controls THIS critical battleground state, will have an advantage in the 2016 presidential race.

Now if you have no problem with Hillary Clinton becoming President, then “Never Mind.” But if you wish to defeat the Liberal Democrats, and Hillary, then help defeat Charlie Crist. 

Right now people are going door to door with attachment #1 (Picture(. I have personally use attachments #1 and #2, with business owners in the Brickell area of Miami. Robo Calls are old school, we need Social Media and an avalanche of e-mails like this. We also need Republican Poll Watchers, and an army of R.P.O.F Attorneys to fight the expected voter fraud by the enemy. A few prayers could also help.

Best Wishes,


Rick Scott for Florida Campaign Announces “Democrats and Independents for Scott” Coalition

14 Prominent Florida Democrats, Independents Endorse Governor Scott for Re-Election

TALLAHASSEE – After receiving more votes than any primary gubernatorial candidate in Florida history, the Rick Scott for Florida Campaign announced the “Democrats and Independents for Scott” coalition – led by prominent political and business leaders across the Sunshine State.

Praising a record of job creation, fiscal responsibility, investments in education and public safety, 15 Democrats and independents endorsed Governor Scott for re-election and his vision for Florida’s future.


James Harold Thompson, former Speaker of the Florida House, said: “I am honored to endorse Governor Scott’s re-election efforts. His leadership has helped Florida to rebound from the great recession.”


Joe Chillura, Former Democratic Tampa City Council Member, said: “Florida needs a leader who wakes up every day with one goal – to improve the lives of every Floridian. That’s what we have in Rick Scott. He’s worked tirelessly to bring jobs back to Florida. He’s increased funding for education to record levels and has fought to keep tuition low, including significantly reducing the cost of pre-paid college tuition. And he’s worked to reduce state debt so that the burden doesn’t fall on our children. Because of Rick Scott, the old adage is true: we’re better off than we were four years ago.”


Marc Sarnoff, City of Miami Commissioner, said: “Governor Rick Scott took office at a difficult time for the state of Florida and was forced to make some difficult decisions that weren’t always popular. But true leadership sometimes means making those tough decisions for the long-term benefit of the state, and that’s exactly what Rick Scott did. Now, as a result, Florida is enjoying an economic recovery that is leading the nation, with over 600,000 jobs created, property values increasing, and record investment in education. Leadership isn’t always easy, but it always pays off.”

Steve Whidden, Sheriff of Hendry County, said: “By almost every standard it’s working under Rick Scott. Crime is at a 43 year low. The state has created over 600,000 new jobs in the last 4 years. State education funding is at an all-time high, while Governor Scott has worked to keep tuition low for Florida students. And with Governor Scott’s fiscal leadership, the state has paid off $3.6 billion in state debt. The record speaks for itself, and I’m happy to support Governor Rick Scott.”


Members of “Democrats and Independents for Scott” Coalition


Susan Benton (D) – Sheriff of Highlands County

Ted Blackburn (I) - Mayor, Village of Islamorada

Joe Capitano (D) – Tampa Business Owner

Joe Chillura (D) – Former Tampa City Council Member

Gib Coerper (D) – Mayor of Alachua

Mike Forster (I) - Councilman, Village of Islamorada

Jeff Hardy (D) – Sheriff of Putnam County

Mark Hunter (NPA) – Sheriff of Columbia County

Marc Sarnoff (D) – City of Miami Commissioner

Gordon Smith (D) – Sheriff of Bradford County

Ben Stewart (NPA) – Sheriff of Madison County

James Harold Thompson (D) – Former Speaker of Florida House

Steve Whidden (D) – Sheriff of Hendry County

Stuart Whiddon (D) – Sheriff of Glades County


And… “Another Democrat For Scott”

Michael W. Calsetta (D) - Former President of the Conservative Democratic Alliance.


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