Spending, Unemployment & Amnesty - The Lame Duck Session

Government spending and regulation drive unemployment. Next week every crony will be demanding his "pound of flesh" from the American people. We will need to fight BOTH parties. Here are two emerging issues.

Spending: John Boehner said on CSPAN today that 2013 NOT 2012 is the time to "deal with the debt". We need to demand that he deal with our debt next week in the Lame Duck session. Senator Harry Reid is demanding $2.4 Trillion which would take us thru to 2014. The House holds the purse strings so this is possible. Call, fax and email John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy and your Congressmen. See their contact info here http://www.house.gov/

The Spending solution:

-Push for all of the promised sequestration cuts.

-Fight any increase of the Debt Ceiling. Support the shut down of Congress and the US government to gain or come close to a balanced budget including entitlement reform and privatization. All the legislation has been presented and or passed in the House. All the House has to do is hold the line.


There is a serious push for amnesty and to flood America with immigrants because its "good" or rather easy and cheap for companies like Cargill who can then transfer the costs onto other businesses and taxpayers. See their latest selling of the "American Dream"  in their Company town in the midwest.  http://professional.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443696604577645...

Here is the link to the organization "Forging Concensus" Cargill and other orgs have joined.  http://www.forgingconsensus.org/ Take the time to read what their perspectives and positions are. Google the orgs involved in this as amnesty and more immigration appear to be the goal. Given the welfare and social costs of immigration and the unfair crony benefits these companies receive to the expense to the rest of the market, this should be monitored and potentially fought if the conclusion is amnesty and MORE immigration while we have the lowest labor participation rate in decades.

The immigration solution:

- We need to fight amnesty and more immigration till the labor participation rate of able bodied legal immigrants and americans is MUCH higher.

- Demand that these companies seek the unemployed in America and incentivize American's just as they do for foreign workers ($15,000 per foreign worker). Latinos and other minority groups have a MUCh higher unemployment rate and it is to their benefit that we should say no to amnesty or more immigration till unemployment decreases.


See how even IT jobs are hard to come by if you are a legal immigrant or an American http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-57473046-92/tech-layoffs-hit-3-yea...

-Cities, States and the Federal government can faciliate this by cutting back on social spending.

In liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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