This week, the Senate will be debating the Continuing Resolution (H.R. 933) passed by the House of Representatives last week. Unfortunately, despite an attempt by House conservatives Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, to add an amendment to defund the aspects of ObamaCare that are funded by discretionary spending, as passed the House bill continues to fund all aspects of ObamaCare at current levels.


Senator Ted Cruz of Texas will offer an amendment on the Senate side that defunds discretionary ObamaCare spending (which is all the Continuing Resolution governs).


Some policitians on Capitol Hill say the cries to defund ObamaCare have died down, and liberal legislators are translating that silence as support for ObamaCare.  We must let them know that the grassroots still want ObamaCare overturned.  It is still possible, we just have to keep fighting at every turn.

We need you to take a moment to call your Senators, whether they are liberal or conservative, and tell them to vote for Senator Cruz’s amendment to defund ObamaCare in the Continuing Resolution. Even if you think your Senators would never vote for such an amendment, they need to hear from their constituents who oppose ObamaCare!

Take Action!! Capital Hill Switchboard 202-224-3121


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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