Thanksgiving Only Arrived With Freedom #Obamacare #RuleOfLaw #Freedom

Dear Patriots,

Here is the true story of Thanksgiving, one that my ancestors participated in. Prosperity and therefore Thanksgiving didn't arrive till freedom, personal property and rule of law were established.

You will hear that Heritage and others are talking the first 100 days, the agenda for Donald Trump's administration. What you don't hear is immediate repeal of Obamacare and the freedom to purchase the healthcare plan right for you.

Premiums are increasing exponentially and the harm this does to great swaths of the middle and lower middle class needs to stop on day one. There is also GREAT risk that progressives will gum up the process, so do it while we've a clear majority thru reconciliation.

We elected THIS Congress to repeal and free us from Obamacare, including Senator Sessions who will be our next Attorney General. I ask that you send emails and twitter posts using #DayOne as a hash tag requests such as

.@Heritage_Action #DayOne Repeal #Obamacare so on first day we can buy healthcare policy of our choice

.@realDonaldTrump #DayOne Repeal #Obamacare so on first day we can buy healthcare policy of our choice

.@SenatorSessions On first day BEFORE u resign 4 Atty Gen, repeal #Obamacare so we can buy healthcare policy of our choice #DayOne

Please find your Representatives - see here

and your Senators here and email and twitter them here.

Thanks and hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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