Call your Congressmen today. Tell them to go over the fiscal cliff and shut down non-essential govt to force entitlement and retroactive tax reform so Obama can get more to spend beyond what revenue we are bringing in. All cronyism should end including the Farm Bill (which is in this "deal") and the repeal of previous market manipulations and subsidies before the current version. When defunding programs, the default should be no govt market manipulation and devolution to the States, commerce, charity and the individual their Constitutional rights and responsibilities.

Today the House is considering the Senate "deal" passed early this morning by the Senate. I can only hope that Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy have learned something about why they lost this past election and not only go over the cliff but deeply and immediately cut thru the debt ceiling, forcing entitlement reform in order for Obama to spend anything beyond entitlements and military operations, the Courts and Jails.

See the "Extenders". Failure is subsidized, cronyism is rift thru out from progressive holly wood propoganda to green energy ponzi schemes to money launder our money back to politicians. Just read the first couple of pages to see how bad this is.

Starting on page 2 for the pleasure of not being pillaged:


Subtitle A—Tax Relief

Sec. 101. Permanent extension and modification of 2001 tax relief.

Sec. 102. Permanent extension and modification of 2003 tax relief.

Sec. 103. Extension of 2009 tax relief.

Sec. 104. Permanent alternative minimum tax relief.

We get to prop up the money laundering keeping these theives in the White House and Congress. Note how income from "Metro" subsidies props up our failing govt monopoly transit systems in the cities.


Sec. 201. Extension of deduction for certain expenses of elementary and secondary

school teachers.

Sec. 202. Extension of exclusion from gross income of discharge of qualified

principal residence indebtedness.

Sec. 203. Extension of parity for exclusion from income for employer-provided

mass transit and parking benefits.

Sec. 204. Extension of mortgage insurance premiums treated as qualified residence


Sec. 205. Extension of deduction of State and local general sales taxes.

Sec. 206. Extension of special rule for contributions of capital gain real property

made for conservation purposes.

Sec. 207. Extension of above-the-line deduction for qualified tuition and related


Sec. 208. Extension of tax-free distributions from individual retirement plans

for charitable purposes.

Sec. 209. Improve and make permanent the provision authorizing the Internal

Revenue Service to disclose certain return and return information

to certain prison officials.


Sec. 301. Extension and modification of research credit.

Sec. 302. Extension of temporary minimum low-income tax credit rate for nonfederally

subsidized new buildings.

Sec. 303. Extension of housing allowance exclusion for determining area median

gross income for qualified residential rental project exempt

facility bonds.

Sec. 304. Extension of Indian employment tax credit.

Sec. 305. Extension of new markets tax credit.

Sec. 306. Extension of railroad track maintenance credit.

Sec. 307. Extension of mine rescue team training credit.

Sec. 308. Extension of employer wage credit for employees who are active duty

members of the uniformed services.

Sec. 309. Extension of work opportunity tax credit.

Sec. 310. Extension of qualified zone academy bonds.

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In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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