The Good News and Bad News of the 2012 Elections


Too many people in the TEA Party seem to forget that we have TWO Deficits, our Financial Deficit, AND OUR “Deficit of Decency.” If we ignore one, or the other, we can not hope to rebuild our Republic upon it's “Founding Principles.” LIBERTY hangs in the balance this year!

The BAD News in the 2012 Elections is that we must chose between the lesser of TWO WEASELS. The GOOD News is that we will finally be rid of the Losing WEASEL.


With the Roberts Court claiming that the Obama-Care “Mandate” is a “Permissible TAX,” it is now up to the Voters to get rid of Obama-Care, by getting rid of Obama. Does that make “Unfit-Mitt,” the lessor of two weasels?


If the G.O.P. Loses this one, they better hope they regain control of the Senate, and that John Roberts rejoins the Supreme Court's Conservative Majority! The next four years will see a change in the make-up of the U.S.S.C.

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