The Liberty Movement, Minorities & George Bush

One of the first things I noticed when I went to my first Ron Paul event in the Washington DC area last December was the much higher number of minorities than at Republican events. The liberatarian message by its very nature is open to all people from anywhere. So even as the left and neo-cons tried to tag Ron Paul as a racist for his foreign policy stance of ending ALL Country welfare, Ron Paul was building bridges everywhere.

Then the Ron Paulers, Tea Party, Libertarians, Conservatives and all other Limited Government advocates were shut out of the General Election and future influence in the RNC.

The arguement that was heard from both candidates was more spending and more foreign  intervention - the message of the crony class in the military industrial complex. The arguement that was pumped out was more war, more intervention and a distastful "Islamo-fascism" rant in the Romney camp that over looked the beam in their own eyes that is incentived by the same big government tactics.

Obama promised more Country welfare for ALL which maintains the cronyism and totalitarian regimes in other Countries even though it sounds "compassionate". Switching the faces of the elite in other countries as folks reach retirement age does NOT change the underlying oppression of the people.

Places like Egypt have government ownership right down to the local bakery. The Egyptian Army controls the olive industry. There are plenty of Egyptian entreprenuers that run their own "black market" bakeries but we are ensuring they are ultimately put out of business. Israel has a Socialist government with all its suggested ownership and control. We are subsidizing this socialism over those in Israel that want the ability to rise on their own merits. In both societies they use petty, vicious and unnecessary hatreds to polarize, divide and ultimately control everything.

Maintaining these particularly corrupt and destructive regimes is short sighted and unnecessarily expensive. It does not necessarily get us the cooperation we may seek in commerce.  We are then blamed for the inevitable unrest and the population's extreme desperation and recentment are then deflected to us, the ones paying for it and sticking out noses in their business.


Changing the "face" but not the nature of the government  inflicts so much hardship upon the people which makes it a net loss for the massive cost of intervention to both the American people and to the people of these Countries AND their sisters, brothers, daughters and sons here in America, With so many capable immigrants starting business in America, they can help their families abroad respond to more freedom thru entreprenuerialism. I love to read these success stories here. WHy shouldn't these very same people competently help family abroad to succeed in a free market? They would if we gave them that opportunity.

Transitioning to a free market is possible in these Country welfare Countries thru negotiated devolution. For example: "We will be cutting your Country welfare. We will not cut it as deeply if you privatize all usurped industry. That you improve the Courts. Allow us to continue to build thru consulting a propessional Army."

George Bush set up a fund to develop such incentives. Though I see inconsistencies with limited government concepts especially in transportation and infrastructure, he's got the germ of a good idea. The problem is we give through other organizations that maintain the status quo (IMF, World Bank ..) and they have usurped private market functions.

We need to be particularly scrupulous to treat every Nation the same from their apex of current funding from net sources. And we must be particularly scrupulous by suggesting to politicos of these nations to find and identify any oversight in identifying government funding sources and integrating them into our calculations.

These are the ways of regaining the lions share of the support among the minority population. What is the harsh reality is that those in Washington lack these very skills that we limited government folks possess, a familiarity with entreprneurialship and a strong desire, a right and responsibility to take care of our own.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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