Delusion is nothing new in Washington and one must understand their thinking to understand what "vision" they have in store for us. You can see this most clearly from this view on the the US being the reserve currency and having sovereign capacity to print money (fiat currency). hence we never have a debt crisis and never go "broke" here

The problem for the population however does't go away - the loss of freedom and opportunity. Sure, we may get to be housed, fed and clothed the rest of our lives but that is only at their "pleasure", not because we've the rule of law. Individuals will suffer from the loss, one frustrating, unjust deprivation at a time from a central government that controls everything and denies us the ability to live our lives as we choose to the extent our talents take us. That isn't a life...that's agreeing to be a hamster subject to "downgrade" to a bug at whim.

Impact on the market, quality of life (freedom) and the strength of our Nation are all in peril as the qualities that made us strong are denied and our "overlords" become like the aristocracy of old..inbred, incapable of thinking like free men and hence incapable of being creative and moral and hence unable to have the capacity to resist outside pressure to undermine our National Security much less constrain themselves from abuses of power.

This can already be seen in the latest military scandals and the low military participation in the election as we fight our never ending wars. This is perfectly encapsulated by a comment a military guy made to me at a near by 7 11 when he said, "We don't care. We'll always be taken care of." And it is true, every aspect of a soldiers' life is managed. Many do not know how to be free men. They know how to follow orders. This is especially true of those who rise thru the political process to become Generals.


We are following Japan in their way of dealing with their aging demographic. The old lobbied to steal from those working and stagflation from monetary easing to pay for inefficient govt run, corrupt, incompetent, massive social and govt directed "investing" thus governemnt robs both the old and the young for the pleasure of being the thug for the old when most of the old would have been far better off in a free market with the rule of law and family.

Here is the affect on the Japanese markets over time.

The aging crowd out the unborn, denying those of a fertile age from having children. The decline in birth rate can be mapped on government spending as the older generation steals the ability to build capital, raise children and other opportunities from the younger generation.

Currently there is a massive push to overtake Saudia Arabia in oil production. The cronies and government are colluding to take the profit from their theft of our land thru "National Parks" and other specious "do goodism" and fund their corrupt, inefficient, thefts disguised as entitlements that are "good" for the poor but in fact redistribute from the poor to the wealthy.

In Sweden they are boasting they have instituted free market reforms when in fact more of their ability to pay down debt came from a huge increase in natural resource exports...oil, gas, timber etc who are taxed or charged leases whose revenue goes directly to the Treasury. Sweden has outlawed home schooling and religion in class, has made all school curriculums the same and call this school choice as the government is single payer for all tuition while the term "private school" has become meaningless beyond govt revenue not going  directly go back to the Treasury. Almost all income earned goes to the Treasury to be distributed back at far lesser rate than the free market would have cost and in ways  free men would not accept.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is, do you want to be a hamster? Is that a life worth living? The Socialist/Crony state controls us by dividing us. They divide us by class, color, faith and fan hate, war and poverty because suffering makes us vulnerable because of our own failings.

I call on ALL of you to resist the propoganda...the narrative of the cronies and politicians in BOTH parties. Command your own narrative. Do not compromise basic principles; instead, show how they are relevant to all.

In honor of Ron Paul and his tireless fight for liberty, I leave you with his farewell speech. I urge you to listen to it a few times to internalize some of his most salient points. My only caution is, his retirment is not the end of the fight for freedom. Like in all ages, we must find the flame of liberty in our own hearts and find the strength and courage to speak the truth with love, kindness and even a bit of humor. Our rights AND responsibilities are a gift from God and I for one embrace it, am thankful for it and will do my best to preserve it in our Country for us and our posterity.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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