I've been a supporter of Michele Bachmann since I founded Tea Party WDC in the spring of 2009. I've appreciated her stalwart support of Tea Party activities and in her speeches she maintained allegiance to our principles of fiscal responsibility, Constitutional limited government and free markets. 

It wasn't until I was sexually assaulted by a female TSA employee at Reagan National Airport in September on my way to Florida for the Tea Party Presidential debate that I took another look at her vote for the Patriot Act, which created the conditions for the assault. As the risk/benefit can't justify the body x-rays or the pat downs on domestic flights I realized that there are all types of mal-investment. Preying upon fear is just another tactic to justify more government spending. As I live a few miles from the Pentagon, I realized that I had fallen for it too.
Then later in the Attorney General's Presidential debate she said she supported Federal Tort Reform which conflicts with States rights.  Before switching I reviewed the allegations against Dr. Ron Paul and found his mea culpa for not reviewing the massive volume of newsletters credible and his view of individuality reflected in his medical practice, his employment practices and his political views no matter the pressure put upon him to pick sides or preferences.  

He has worked steadily for a more just environment where ALL Americans can have that opportunity promised in our founding documents. I reviewed old video interviews with William Buckley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VIvqyrxbL8 (watch all four videos), read his Congressional and campaign website. I was please to find he hadn't passed much legislation. As we are choking on all the laws and regulation Congress produces, his instinct not to add to our burden was refreshing.  

Ron Paul's platform proposes the deepest cuts in a manner that, by the end of his Presidency, the private sector will have not only recovered the jobs eliminated but be on our way to full employment. 

I applaud his well thought out policy prescriptions in consolidating and streamlining enumerated powers so we have a stronger military with more effective strategic tactics when dealing with real threats. We will have less civilian and military casualties with better relations and business opportunities the world over. 

Our debt is our greatest National Security risk and it is already having an impact on our military by China's ease in hacking into military and government databases. Only free markets innovate because the incentive is there.

No government program will ever match the strengths of a free market.  The math says we can’t wait another four years to cut government spending. The misguided view that big government can be "fixed" would be a disaster and would continue this horrid slide into poverty and impotence.  

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a more just society where the most people have the most opportunity.  

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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Thanks Tony..I think we should Constitutionally limit government. Free markets and the innovation that comes from them are the answer to our needs. I'm not into "Thrive" but believe our Founders had the right idea in an imperfect world.

To me what you wrote of Ron Paul's policies and beliefs is what the Tea Party is, or should be, all about. Thank you for stating the case so eloquently and urgently and representing our viewpoint in the Tea Party.

Theproblem is big govt..it is disincentivizing personal responsibility and self-reliance and is now impoverishing the baby boomers and retirees. It is also denying the young of a future. They are literally stealing the future you could obtain in a free market. Lost opportunity is hard for those to see who have never really seen it.
tony myers said:

Curious what you feel is at the root of our dysfunction?  And wow did we get to such a collective victim consciousness?

Also, may I ask what in the documentary Thrive does not resonate?

 Thanks Darrin!

 Darrin Vernier said:

To me what you wrote of Ron Paul's policies and beliefs is what the Tea Party is, or should be, all about. Thank you for stating the case so eloquently and urgently and representing our viewpoint in the Tea Party.

Ron Paul's concept of blowback mirrors that of the CIA in their report prepared for the US Congress. If he is off base the CIA is as well. Do you believe the CIA is capable of making an accurate assessment of Iran? Another group that would seem to know more about this than the rest of us is the Americans serving in the armed forces. They've contributed more money to his campaign than all other candidates combined. Are our servicemen to be trusted? For what it's worth when the draft came up Dr. Paul served. Mitt Romney spent the time in France on a religious mission for the Mormon church. Newt Gingrich got deferments for being a student, then a father. Which would you rather see in someone expected to lead the country when times get tough? I do not require your reply to these questions and there's no right or wrong answer.

Here is Ron Paul's National Defense platform. Check out the rest of it as well. Donor's profession and employer of are filled when they give and are on his Election financial forms. I would suggest googling FEC/Ron Paul, then page thru the donors. Just be prepared as Ron Paul has a large amount of donors.


See my remarks about googling FEC and Ron Paul as professions and employer are listed when giving money and are on his financial forms over a certain amount.


Ron Paul's judgement is excellent. He knows the constitution well and is near perfect in applying it to any situation. He also knows how the free market works and knows how it needs to be set up hence he'll be able to communicate well with the American people as he cuts govt spending.
mrgrgtaz said:

I do not trust Ron Paul's judgment.  I want proof that most of the serviceman are supporting Ron Paul.

He has said all nuclear countries need to be looked out for and that includes Iran. All extremists no matter their race, creed and color who harm the US or plot to do so will be pursued..the right of reprisal.


Here is the FEC website. Knock yourself out http://www.fec.gov/disclosure.shtml

Ah, well then you are for empire and don't mind our soldiers dying because Gaddaffi decided to tax the oil companies to pay the "fine" hard up European countries tried to extort from him for an issue satisfactorily endd by Reagan's missile into his tent. Our "govt" of cronies are perfectly willing to use our military for their enrichment.

Your fear is over stated as Israel has in the passed and will in the future take care of Iran. What every non-nuclear nation learned from Gaddaffi's death is that having nuclear power ensures they remain in power. Time to change the strategy.
mrgrgtaz said:

Thanks for taking the time to civilly answer my questions.  These people are insane.  They don't even care about their own citizens right to live.  I do not want to wait until Iran sets off a nuclear holocaust.

I think you assume because I'm not "yelling" I'm not concerned. The US Govt just admitted Iran doesn't have the capacity right now to build a nuclear bomb. Intelligence is important..being ever vigilant is essential. Not allowing us to undermine our own Natioanl Security by wasteful spending is just as critical. 

We've drawn down in Iraq and now will do so in Afghanistan. We are returning to a peace time stance. Nothing unusual in that.

Ron Paul doesn't want Iran to have a nuclear weapon either and would take reasonable measures to prevent Iran from attacking the United States from a nuclear weapon.  Right now, there's nothing that would stop an Iranian in Mexico from walking across the miles of borders to attack us.  They could even use a nuclear weapon made at some other facility anywhere in the world.  Ron Paul is the safest president you can elect because he understands the details regarding threats around the world, not just Iran.  There are so many nations with nuclear weapons it's ridiculous.  Ron Paul has been through a lot of wars and understands the truth well.  He believes very strongly in national defense, because it is one area that the Constitution empowers the Federal Government with the responsibility to defend this country.  There is a long history of blow back where many attacks against the United States have stemmed from interventions initiated by the United States (WWI - Providing aid to the Allied forces before we entered the war, WWII - Oil embargo against Japan, CIA training Osama Bin Laden, upholding Shaw of Iran, bringing Saddam Hussein to power, etc.)  All these examples, demonstrate how we paint a bullseye on ourselves when we impose imperialistic oppression on the world.  Even Osama Bin Laden felt responsible to defend his land and people because of the many children and people who were killed by the US during our bombings.  Our friendship and trade with all nations will do more to share our good values with other nations than our goals to replace one oppressive government with another.

Regarding, Iran's frustrations, their entire country is surrounded by US bases.  We have more of a chance to start WW3 by placing sanctions on Iran, than by treating them the way we would like to be treated.  China is one of Iran's greatest trading partners when it comes to oil.  If we cut off China's supply of oil provided by Iran, China has openly expressed the interest in a third world war.  This is absolutely NOT national security.  Russia is also displeased with our tendency to impose upon Iran.

Now, assuming the worst case scenario of leaving Iran alone.  Israel is completely capable of defending themselves (they have done so for many years).  They are more attuned to the situation than we are.  If there was any real threat, Israel (being a close neighbor), is perfectly comfortable protecting their country.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said so himself.  He also doesn't want us imposing ourselves either.

Back to Ron Paul.  It is true that he has more active military support than any other candidate.  They understand the situation very well and understand that our current foreign policy is creating enemies faster than it's removing them.  Ron Paul wants to first seek diplomacy and get them to withdraw from their efforts without being trigger happy and going in carelessly.  It's been done before and it can be done again and it should at least be the first option.  Furthermore, Ron Paul isn't opposed to going to war, as long as it's declared by the people through Congress as the Constitution requires.  This means that our decisions are more careful, leverage more information, and involve constituents around the country.  Ron Paul is a very wise man.  Just spend a little time getting to know him.  Do some research.  You won't be dissappointed.

Also, I can back these things up with all kinds of sources if you're interested.  Just let me know?

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