I've been a supporter of Michele Bachmann since I founded Tea Party WDC in the spring of 2009. I've appreciated her stalwart support of Tea Party activities and in her speeches she maintained allegiance to our principles of fiscal responsibility, Constitutional limited government and free markets. 

It wasn't until I was sexually assaulted by a female TSA employee at Reagan National Airport in September on my way to Florida for the Tea Party Presidential debate that I took another look at her vote for the Patriot Act, which created the conditions for the assault. As the risk/benefit can't justify the body x-rays or the pat downs on domestic flights I realized that there are all types of mal-investment. Preying upon fear is just another tactic to justify more government spending. As I live a few miles from the Pentagon, I realized that I had fallen for it too.
Then later in the Attorney General's Presidential debate she said she supported Federal Tort Reform which conflicts with States rights.  Before switching I reviewed the allegations against Dr. Ron Paul and found his mea culpa for not reviewing the massive volume of newsletters credible and his view of individuality reflected in his medical practice, his employment practices and his political views no matter the pressure put upon him to pick sides or preferences.  

He has worked steadily for a more just environment where ALL Americans can have that opportunity promised in our founding documents. I reviewed old video interviews with William Buckley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VIvqyrxbL8 (watch all four videos), read his Congressional and campaign website. I was please to find he hadn't passed much legislation. As we are choking on all the laws and regulation Congress produces, his instinct not to add to our burden was refreshing.  

Ron Paul's platform proposes the deepest cuts in a manner that, by the end of his Presidency, the private sector will have not only recovered the jobs eliminated but be on our way to full employment. 

I applaud his well thought out policy prescriptions in consolidating and streamlining enumerated powers so we have a stronger military with more effective strategic tactics when dealing with real threats. We will have less civilian and military casualties with better relations and business opportunities the world over. 

Our debt is our greatest National Security risk and it is already having an impact on our military by China's ease in hacking into military and government databases. Only free markets innovate because the incentive is there.

No government program will ever match the strengths of a free market.  The math says we can’t wait another four years to cut government spending. The misguided view that big government can be "fixed" would be a disaster and would continue this horrid slide into poverty and impotence.  

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a more just society where the most people have the most opportunity.  

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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Oh, I also wanted to thank you Lisa for having the courage to come out in support of Ron Paul!  We all back you 100%!  Thank you again!

You're welcome!

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