After reading the 2012 Democratic Platform, approved by the Convention on Tuesday, September 4, 2012,         I can NO Longer remain in the Democratic Party!

Between the Feminists-Nazis, Atheists, and the Homosexual Brown-Shirts, the Democratic Party has more than lost it's Moral Compass, It has lost it's Soul, and any useful purpose (I.M.O.) To OMIT any mention of GOD in the platform is totally unacceptable!

In addition, the D.N.C. has abandoned all Common Sense, and our “Traditional American Values” regarding “UNHEALTHY” Life-Styles, and perverted sexual behavior.

By repealing “Don't Ask, Don't tell,” Liberal Democrats have exposed our military to MORE recruiting of people who can not give blood IN AN EMERGENCY. Homosexuals, who's UNHEALTHY sexual practices keep them from donating blood, are now encouraged to join the U.S. Military!

By fighting for, and encouraging adoption, and “Indoctrination” of children, by homosexuals, the D.N.C. now supports the ACCEPTANCE of such UNHEALTHY Life-Styles, AND BEHAVIOR! AND Please keep in mind that so-called “Transgenders” are still considered to be Mentally Ill. What's next, support for “Bestiality?”

I am re-registering as an “Independent” A.S.A.P.

Michael W. Calsetta

Former president of The Conservative Democratic Alliance


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Shortly after 5: PM on Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012, “Practical Politicians” at the D.N.C. Convention, sought to Amend the Platform to include support for GOD, and Jerusalem becoming the Capitol of Israel.

Such an Amendment requires a 2/3 vote of the delegates. When they were UNABLE to get 2/3 of the delegates to support this Amendment (after 3 attempts) they simply ruled that they HAD gotten the 2/3 vote, and amended their platform.

This SHAM vote does NOTHING to convince me to remain in the Democratic Party!

I still intend to change my voter registration to INDEPENDENT!


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