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The Tea Party visited Newt Gingrich at his book signing to ask him why he supports liberal candidate Dede Scozzafava over conservative Doug Hoffman in NY23. Doug Hoffman has support in and outside of the District, knows math, is a competent business man and can learn anything he needs to to fufill his duty to represent the District effectively.

The difference between Dede Scozzafava and Doug Hoffman
Newt Gingrich's reason's for supporting a liberal candidate in a conservative District
My response to Newt Gingrich. Please see why Newt and the Purists are wrong

#1 The NY race is a special election. This woman did not win a primary election. She was chosen by party officials.
#2 Because it's a special election the seat is up again with all the other congressional seats in 2010. This special election has nothing to do with which party controls Congress.
#3 the district in question is NOT the upper west ... Read Moreside of Manhattan. Politics is definitely the art of the possible. But a MUCH better candidate than Scozzafava is quite possible in that district.
#4 Scozzafava is to the left of Obama (or was before adopting Republican positions in a very unconvincing manner) and is worse than the Democrat in the race.

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Get involved. Please feel free to post your video from your neighborhood.

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Lisa Miller

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