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Candlelight Vigil, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, "The Wall"

Candlelight Vigil, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, "The Wall"

Friday, May 22, 2009 9:00 pm

This was my first time attending the Candlelight Vigil at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, "The Wall", in Washington D.C. Like others attending the vigil we did not know what to expect. I hope I can give a summary of what… Continue

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Tea Party Video


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Now is the time for all Americans to stand up and be counted...

I cannot fathom what is going on in this Country. I feel as though we just entered the twilight zone. In my past 50 years, there has not been a more profound moment in our Country... and yet, the apathetic, uninformed drone-like citizenry, are oblivious. I find this incomprehensible... but regrettably our citizenry have let many of us down by not being engaged, by not being informed, and by not thinking for themselves. This situation is so dire, I fear that unless one is required to take a test… Continue

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While You Were Sleeping

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We all know what the problems are.

You’ve heard it here before but it bears repeating: Maryland has the 4th highest tax burden in the nation, is the 5th least friendly to businesses, and has the 6th highest cost of living. Yet our government in Annapolis has no plan or solutions for our state’s long-term fiscal health. Every year, they spend more money despite the… Continue

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Where Have You Gone, Thomas Jefferson?

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The modern Democratic Party claims its origins in the Democratic-Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson, our third President. As I see our country being rushed by the Democrats toward expanded government, excessive taxation and restricted liberty while Republicans offer tepid resistance, I think this is a good time to explore the words of President Jefferson and challenge ourselves to… Continue

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Stop. Spending. Money.

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You know Maryland is turned upside down when a Republican and a Democrat agree on the solution to our state’s economic ills. Doug Duncan, former Montgomery County executive and candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2006, wrote a column in the Washington Post criticizing the small thinking of Maryland’s elected officials in the current budget crisis. The solution… Continue

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No Kool-Aid - Tea, Please

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I participated in my second-ever protest last Sunday when I served as the master of ceremonies for the “Concerned Citizens” Tea Party at Solomons. God gave us a cool, sunny day, great speakers and a crowd Sheriff Evans estimated at between 500-600 people. The homemade signs were excellent and the crowd was anxious to be heard in Annapolis and Washington. The week’s events,… Continue

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What A Party!

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I was invited to speak at the Annapolis Tax Day Tea Party today, and the event succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. Despite a cold, pouring rain and gusty winds, over 2,000 people showed up at Campbell Park on the Annapolis City Dock to hear and be heard on the topics of excessive taxation and spending and the erosion of liberty.

I heard the parking lot at… Continue

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Reason Video - What's the problem? What's the solution?

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So You Say You Want A Revolution?

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I hope the holidays restored your energy after a grueling and ultimately disheartening year for common sense values. While much of the nation is awash in the media-generated euphoria of the impending Obama inauguration, the time for us to take stock is past. It is time to plan and act so we can combat the extreme elements of the Obama agenda… Continue

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A Republic - Can We Keep It?

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As I write this, President Obama has been in office for 41 days and already he's taken my breath away. To paraphrase football coach Dennis Green, he is who I thought he was. Never in my wildest imaginings, however, did I expect to see us hurtling toward socialism so soon and on so large a scale.

Not content with spending $787… Continue

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America Out of Order

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I was stunned to speechlessness this weekend when I heard of General Motors chairman Rick Wagoner's forced resignation at the behest of President Obama. A friend aptly described it as "crossing the Rubicon." With that action and his subsequent directives against GM and Chrysler, President Obama has formally declared war on the American… Continue

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Birth of an Extremist

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If you asked my family and friends to describe me, I'm guessing they'd say I'm friendly, good-natured, gentle, gullible, a straight arrow, someone who follows the rules. I'm a 2nd generation veteran; between my father and me, we've given our country nearly 32 years of service. I always prefered mediation to confrontation. Little did I know… Continue

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The Honor of Saying No

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Another week, another round of articles and discussions about what's wrong with the Republican Party and how to fix it. At first I thought the soul-searching that followed the GOP electoral defeats of 2006 and 2008 was healthy; every institution ought to reevaluate itself periodically to ensure it remains true to its core purpose and is… Continue

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Interview: Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift

I highly recommend this article and video, especially the video.

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Obama Administration's "Cap and Tax" Proposal: Bishop and Chaffetz Opposed to $3.01 Billion Tax Increase on Utahns

Didn't Obama say that 95% of Americans would receive a tax break/cut? Huh? Lie #... what number is it now?

From Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Website:

March 26, 2009 4:48 PM

Washington, DC – Data released today by the House Committee on Ways and Means demonstrates that every state in the Union – and every American – will be hit hard by a new and highly regressive “Cap and Trade” tax.

The President’s recently-released budget imposes a $3.01 billion tax on… Continue

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Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform

From punishing prosperity with progressive tax rates to borrowing billions to bail out banks, U.S. fiscal policy over the course of the last century has undermined both natural justice and economic well-being. In the natural order, virtue and vice each carries its own consequences. On the one hand, virtue yields largely positive results; hard work, patience, and carefulness, for example, tend to bring about prosperity. Vice, on the other hand, brings negative consequences; sloth, impatience,… Continue

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The Enemies of Capitalism - Visit their websites & compare w/Obama's policies

Don't know about you, but I find it really uncomfortable to visit the websites listed below. I feel anger when I read their diatrabes against capitalism and conservatives. These people scare me.

Obama also scares me because his policies and his actions coincide with the views expressed on these websites. There is a subtle difference, though, between the commentary on these sites and Obama's words. The communist/socialist websites are coarse and strident and their thinking is… Continue

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