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16 House Members Stood Up Today For Americans Against OBAMACARE CR

The GOP House Leaders Should All Resign After TODAY.

Turncoats plain and simple.


The ten members of the Conservative Fight Club

Amash Bridenstine Broun Gohmert Huelskamp Jones Massie Pearce Salmon Yoho

You must be made aware of the vote that has happened in the last hour or so. Sixteen Republicans voted against the rule on the continuing resolution. Sixteen. Only sixteen Republicans voted to defund Obamacare. That's what this vote was about. I…


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Michigan TEA Parties send U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow Early Notice Pink Slip

TEA Party leaders from all around the state of Michigan met in Dewitt, Michigan on November 12th to discuss a plan in working together to elect a Constitutional Conservative to the United States Senate.  At that meeting a letter to Senator Stabenow which was transcribed on a 2 foot by 3 foot scroll was signed by over 100 TEA Party leaders, stating "we feel those decades of being surrounded in the political culture and entanglements have distanced you from the daily lives of what it means to…


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Debt Negotiations and Those Who Surrender

Tea Party WDC has been sponsoring the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge at See sponsors, pledge signers and the number of citizens who have pledged to support it. Some sponsors (listed below) and Legislators broke the Pledge. I've agreed to remain part of the coalition contingent upon the coalition NOT breaking the Pledge.


The "Cut, Cap and Balance Act" became it's…


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Selling Lies – The Formula the Left Uses To Take Away Your Rights

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


As part of their dogma, the Left believes society only operates “fairly” when more power is concentrated in the Federal Government and fewer rights are exercised independently by individuals. In their view, one of the major purposes of the Government is to equalize outcomes across society (try to find…


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3 Economic Policies Reagan Had Right (And Obama Never Learned)

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism Blog


President Reagan is probably best known for three major accomplishments: rekindling the American spirit of entrepreneurship, defeating the Soviets in the Cold War leading to the eventual collapse of the USSR, and creating the most robust peacetime economic expansion in American history. In this posting, we’ll…


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Ronald Reagan's Top 6 Military Principles and Their Impact on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


President Reagan was a strong advocate of Peace through Strength. Essentially he believed that foreign powers were less likely to engage with the United States militarily if they were certain that they would receive immediate, disproportionate punishment from…


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Hu JaDaddy? - Commentary on our National Debt and Relationship with China

by: Trent Derr


As I mentioned to some friends, due to the amount of money the President is borrowing from the Chinese, Obama is no longer able to refer to the Chinese leader as Hu Jintao. Now Obama is required to call him Hu JaDaddy.  To paraphrase Jay Leno, the bad news is the Chinese Leader came to the White House this week.  The good news is he said we could keep it.


However I’m not…


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