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A Good and Strong People

One of the hardest aspects of growing up in Washington DC and, since 2009, earnestly fighting for our country, has been to successfully navigate among toxic, bad and deeply troubled people in and around the Washington DC establishment. The less personal power, confidence in God and self-reliance people have the more prone they are to doing bad things and being toxic.

There are those happy few that have a strength born of a deep and abiding faith. They can remain peaceful among the…


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Despots in Both Parties

It is increasingly clear that both parties have despots in their ranks. Despite the Tea Party's clear assistance in gaining a majority in the House, the GOP has ignored the mandate we gave them and continue to recklessly and irresponsibily spend. The contempt both parties have for the American people knows no bounds.

See Senator Demint's review of the increases in spending by Republicans and the collusion and doubling down by the Democrats. He offers the clear alternative that…


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The GOP is Running to Lose Against Obama

Does the GOP want to lose against Obama? How does it serve them to maintain a strawman (Obama)? They can continue to spend and make false promises and then blame Obama. This is playing out in the payroll tax cut as Boehner says they won't offset the Democrats demand to undermine our Country faster here…


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A Windfall for Alaska? A Bailout to the States? The Transportation & Energy Bill

The Transportation and Energy Bill which still must go thru several committees to come out as a larger or smaller hit to the taxpayer comes in at a whopping $250-260 Billion. This blows up Ryans Budget which didn't do much to reduce spending though had some sensible structural reforms.

There are some useful reforms but we need to read the final details. It looks like there are State Bailouts in the Bill such as permitting toll collection with out repayment of Federal loans. The…


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