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Paul, the RSC and Ryan's Budget

Paul Ryan's budget doesn't offer an alternative to the sequestration that will automatically happen in the Spring under the debt deal. I can't see a budget that doesn't account for those cuts nor is one that balances in 2050 reasonable though I like some of the structural changes he proposes.  


We have a spending problem and we are on a path to a worse out come than Greece. We are much more…


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Road to Repeal Week - Events You Don't Want to Miss

Road to Repeal Rally Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 12pm Upper Senate Park, Washington, DC (Map)


Fellow Patriots,

The Road to Repeal Rally is almost here and we thought you would want to know about these very important events. This week is turning into Road to Repeal…


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If Cuts Aren't Immediate, They Are Meaningless

Ron Paul put forward his budget with one trillion cuts in the first year and balances the budget in four years, see here Take a good look at it because this is the type of cuts that caused the remarkable recovery in the "recession that wasn't" in 1922.…


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Super Tuesday and the 33%

Ron Paul did extrordinairily well last night. Why you ask? When only 33% of the population is in the free market getting 41% of the vote against Romney in Virginia is extraordinary. These 33% don't receive Government subsidies or entitlements, don't work for government and are not a part of the 1% super wealthy. We must keep in mind that some of…


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Is Congress Helping the Iranian Authoritarian Govt?

It is well worth reading the below link on the upcoming Iranian election. You may see some startling similarities with our own political parties.

"Why Iran’s Election Is a Farce".

The jailed REAL opposition sounds like another Ron…


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