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Immigration and the Enablers of Pathology

Having grown up in Washington DC where the pathology of the War of Poverty decimated the black non-government population who were subjects to their bretheren, I am particularly alarmed by the enablers who personally wouldn't work in a meat factory and project that on welfare recipients and don't want to "deal" with those newly motivated to work at any job because social welfare has been cut.

Erick Erikson sadly mimics this behavior in his piece here as to why we should have…


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Gun Control, Immigration, Amnesty & the State of the Union

You'll here next week about gun control legislation. See here the summary of the Manchin/Toomey compromise: To me it appears to clean up some processes to catch up with technology, reduce the cost and burden for Conceal Carry buyers and sellers and doesn't infringe on person to person sales. It will be tough to fight it given the mental health issues present in the…


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