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We must Challenge Precedent


What wasn't challenged in this Obamacare suit was Federal usurpation of individual rights and responsibilities and the compulsion to particpate in ANY entitlement (Social Security, Medicare,   Obamacare). Entitlements are all unconstituional and America would be better off without them as seen in places that have personal social security   accounts and regulated free market medical and insurance  …


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Fascism in NOT conservative

Fascism (govt control of the economy thru private companies) is not conservative much less Constitutional and is outright rejected in the Republican pledge.


Republicans who act exactly like Democrats in spending are saying they must to get reelected but the facts don't support it. See here "Tax Cuts for the Rich are Bad. Subsidies for the Rich are Good",…


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Chapter 7 Social Security and Medicare

Entitlements are NOT guarenteed and hence they can and WILL be reformed and privatized either now, while we have an opportunity to supplement them or later when we are too feable to defend ourselves and have no additional funds to derive either income and access to medical care outside the debased and bankrupt govt program.

We could do a lump sum payout that funds a minimal safety for social security income and premium for healthcare for everyone now recieving it and on a sliding…


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Freedomworks and Trojan Horses - Call Freedomworks Today!

Take a close look at the below legislation that establishes State Healthcare Exchanges, a means of redistributing the cost of folks who have pre-existing conditions from diet induce diabetes and smokers to cancer patients who can afford their own coverage but lobby to transfer their costs to others. This is a Trojan Horse dressed up as Freedom and NO acceptable compromise.


It sounds ideal until you realize, buried deep within it is another socialist idea and an expansion of…


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The Greek Tragedy

The below is a "must read" email on Greece sent to Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute from a young Greek who interned there last year.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

To Morton Blackwell, Leadership Institute

From Alexandre Skouras

"The complexity of our times simply means that everything that happens around us is somehow related to what happens, or will happen, to ourselves.

I would like to…


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