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Amnesty, Obamacare & Gay Marriage

The people that will be harmed most by Amnesty, Obamacare and Gay marriage will be the most vulnerable. Obamacare and gay marriage are about Federal redistribution to those who can afford to carry their own weight in response to and justified by big government populist Christian Statists who carved out unjust,…

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Tea Party "Audit the IRS" Rally & There Is No Substitute for a MUCH Lower Flat Tax

The Tea Party "Audit the IRS" Rally was a success. See below videos and photos from the Rally. The Government will likely justify the intrusion & costly, inappropriate data collection and delays because of the tax-exempt request. I did NOT apply for 501c3 or 4 status because of the cost and intrusion which presents the moral hazard of leaking out information to those who hold opposite views. Growing up in Washington DC has it's benefits at the cost of experience. One is, if you make a…


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