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Debt Negotiations and Those Who Surrender

Tea Party WDC has been sponsoring the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge at See sponsors, pledge signers and the number of citizens who have pledged to support it. Some sponsors (listed below) and Legislators broke the Pledge. I've agreed to remain part of the coalition contingent upon the coalition NOT breaking the Pledge.


The "Cut, Cap and Balance Act" became it's…


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The Debt Ceiling = District Office Visits this Thursday at Noon

The President's policies are a failure.


Expanding bailout bank reserve requirements temporarily and partially reduces the risk of import inflation. Dumping oil reserves also temporarily lowers the impact of monetary policy to weaken the dollar to improve export competitiveness as does the currency flight from the Euro crisis. These are temporary fixes/market adjustments and opportunitites that mask the cost of persistent high unemployment and stagflation and thus…


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