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Time to Act - No More Compromise

Will the House Stand Strong?

The time to act is now. The Senate REFUSES to COMPROMISE!

Call the House of Representatives and tell them: NO MORE COMPROMISING!

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Where We're At:

Friday, 9/20/13 - The House of Representatives passed a…


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Call Your Senators to Hold the Line to Defund Obamacare!!

How John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are Funding Obamacare:


Don’t be fooled by this political theater going on in Washington, DC.  The fix is in and both sides are trying to fund ObamaCare while saving face.


The whole of House Republican Leadership thinks you are stupid. They have passed a bill that they know will be changed by Harry Reid before it goes back to the House in a few days. The smoking gun will happen when Boehner allows a Senate passed government…


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Defunding Obamacare thru the CR - Your Calls, Emails & Tweets Make a Difference!

"Today marks a victory for our nation, as House leadership has pulled a continuing resolution that would have ultimately provided funding for the train wreck called ObamaCare. As leadership began to shy away from a fight, the American people held their feet to the fire. This is only a small victory as the fight against ObamaCare continues, but it was made possible by millions of people working in tandem with their elected officials against a bad deal."…


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