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Action Alert: McConnell & Boehner's Abdication

McConnell gave Reid future Debt Limit Increases needs a veto-proof majority to stop increases. This is worse that just giving in to Obamacare. McConnell abdicates his leadership position and role in the Senate, "..agreement includes language for a “resolution of disapproval” that would allow Congress to disapprove of a debt-ceiling increase, as opposed to approving one like it does now. That would mean that, as long as the debt-limit increase is not explicitly disapproved by both chambers…


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Tell Congress to Stop Enabling Big Govt - The Debt Ceiling.

In the below Wall Street Journal article is an admission by US Treasury Secretary Lewes that Obama and Lewes are breaking the law. Look up the Anti-Deficiency Act here .


Obama is spending more than revenue which means he is spending without appropriations approval. This is, if the Senate weren't controlled by Progressives, an…


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Shutdown Obamacare Today at Noon Local Time

Today at 12pm noon local time we are asking Tea Party Patriots across the country to show up at their Senator's or Congressman's local offices. The media, the President, the Senate Democrats, the Ruling Elite is Washington, DC, and now are trying to blame this shutdown on the Tea Party. The timeline of events over the last few weeks (seen below) shows that Harry Reid's refusal to compromise is what led us to this shutdown.

We can't let these people clog the airwaves…


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Harry Reid's Shut Down

Harry Reid's Shut Down

You have surely seen the media, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Obama, and the ruling elite in Washington try to pin the blame for a government shut down on the Tea Party. These allegations simply aren't true. You can see the timeline of events below. The evidence clearly shows that this shut down belongs to Harry Reid and the fact that…


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