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Mr Allison Comes To Washington DC

John Allison has taken the reins as the new President of Cato Institute. Last night he spoke of his book "the Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure" and how destructive banking reform is killing our economy.

David Boaz introduces him.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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The Art of War: Absentee Voting, Phone Banking and Door to Door

Thirty days to Election Day and absentee voting has begun. Local events are happening today in our neighborhoods to Get Out the Vote. Please join me in adopting a Christimas social schedule for manageable action for fundraisers, phone banking and neighborhood walking. I've also sent my Christmas list information to share to get out the vote thru absentee voting and activities they might want to participate in to ensure a fair elections.…


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Paul Ryan's Voting Record and Entitlement Reform

The left has come out swing at the Vice Presidential pick of Paul Ryan. Below find a good review of what Paul Ryan has done while in Congress along with the progressive Media Matter's opposition research.

In response to the left's attack of his fondness for Ayn Rand, given he is a Catholic he can more accurately be defined as a person who believes in God, Natural Law. Founding principles and Ayn…


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Why Am I Thanking Barney Frank?

You didn't read the title incorrectly. That is Barney Frank to all who are horrified by Dodd/Frank. I personally support an action to overturn this unconstitutional beaurocratic expansion and intervention that institutionalizes bailouts.


However, as a native of Washington DC who sees the political money laundering in EVERY budget item, I gladly join this bi-partisan effort in urging our Representatives to support the Mulvaney-Frank Amendment that maintains base military…


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Obama: Fascism Made America Great, So Pay Up!

The Fallacious Argument of Barak Obama.


Obama argues that fascism (Cronyism) is a reason for small businesses to pay more tax. Only Fascism (Crony Capitalism thru Usurpation of State, Local and Individual responsibilities directly or indirectly thru "private companies" harms the real job creators NOT the "political entrepreneurs", the professional rent seekers.


Unsubsidized small business owners always pay forward as mentors. The first part of what Obama said…


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Repealing Obamacare and Ending State Healthcare Exchanges


From Attorney General Ken Cucchinelli and why all Americans should read this and contact their State Representatives today to stop the State Healthcare Exchanges. Lisa

Dear Fellow Virginians,  

This is the "looking   ahead" Compass regarding the healthcare ruling by the Supreme Court.   

I've   already identified for you Justice Ginsburg's willingness to completely  …


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Action Alert: Call Your Senators to Vote No on Law of the Sea Treaty and the UN Arms Treaty

ACTION ALERT: Call the 20 Senate Republicans who are apparently set to uphold the the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), or who have not yet decided. They are Enzi, McConnell, Hutchison, Toomey, Johanns, Ayotte, Graham, McCain, Lugar, Kirk, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, Isakson, Grassley, Portman, Corker, Cochran, Brown, and Alexander.

"Americans despise taxes.  After all, one of the key issues that paved the way for the American Revolution was the…


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"Replace" is Code for Expanding Healthcare Entitlement

The GOP is talking replacing Obamacare with unconstitutional expansion of healthcare subsidies thru tax deductions and funding of more redistribution thru healthcare exchanges for folks who can afford their own health insurance coverage. This is another unconstitutional manipulation of the tax code and State and individual subsidy respectively that harm the American economy and People.…


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The Road to Fiscal Hell

How bad is the Highway Bill? Steve Moore at the WSJ writes:


"Congress is expected to approve as early as today a $120 billion highway bill that compromises nearly every budget principle Republicans say they believe in. It's a bipartisan budget heist with billions of dollars of budget gimmicks that are likely to infuriate Tea Party activists and other fiscal conservative voters.

In order to avoid confrontation with the Senate and to get the highway pork rolling…


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We must Challenge Precedent


What wasn't challenged in this Obamacare suit was Federal usurpation of individual rights and responsibilities and the compulsion to particpate in ANY entitlement (Social Security, Medicare,   Obamacare). Entitlements are all unconstituional and America would be better off without them as seen in places that have personal social security   accounts and regulated free market medical and insurance  …


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Fascism in NOT conservative

Fascism (govt control of the economy thru private companies) is not conservative much less Constitutional and is outright rejected in the Republican pledge.


Republicans who act exactly like Democrats in spending are saying they must to get reelected but the facts don't support it. See here "Tax Cuts for the Rich are Bad. Subsidies for the Rich are Good",…


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Chapter 7 Social Security and Medicare

Entitlements are NOT guarenteed and hence they can and WILL be reformed and privatized either now, while we have an opportunity to supplement them or later when we are too feable to defend ourselves and have no additional funds to derive either income and access to medical care outside the debased and bankrupt govt program.

We could do a lump sum payout that funds a minimal safety for social security income and premium for healthcare for everyone now recieving it and on a sliding…


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Freedomworks and Trojan Horses - Call Freedomworks Today!

Take a close look at the below legislation that establishes State Healthcare Exchanges, a means of redistributing the cost of folks who have pre-existing conditions from diet induce diabetes and smokers to cancer patients who can afford their own coverage but lobby to transfer their costs to others. This is a Trojan Horse dressed up as Freedom and NO acceptable compromise.


It sounds ideal until you realize, buried deep within it is another socialist idea and an expansion of…


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The Greek Tragedy

The below is a "must read" email on Greece sent to Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute from a young Greek who interned there last year.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

To Morton Blackwell, Leadership Institute

From Alexandre Skouras

"The complexity of our times simply means that everything that happens around us is somehow related to what happens, or will happen, to ourselves.

I would like to…


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The Greeks' Mulligan

Greeks voted against reality. They want to stay in the Euro and not pay their debts. It is supreme irony that the New York Times should so clearly communicate the delusion and desperation the people are functioning under. They are in retreat rather than confronting reality and articulate a just way to implement necessary cuts for their own people. If they don't grow up, Europe will have to force them to grow up.…


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An Agreeable Election Discussion: Rove vs Trippi

I consider the following video a critical guide to establishment thinking about election strategy.


Note that Karl Rove emphasizes that focus groups are REALLY concerned with American avoiding the fate of Greece and in the next breath says (and I'm paraphrasing) that doesn't mean cutting government only cutting the growth of government.


This demonstrates why there are such minor disagreements between Rove and Trippi and they can both appear agreeable.…


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Paul, the RSC and Ryan's Budget

Paul Ryan's budget doesn't offer an alternative to the sequestration that will automatically happen in the Spring under the debt deal. I can't see a budget that doesn't account for those cuts nor is one that balances in 2050 reasonable though I like some of the structural changes he proposes.  


We have a spending problem and we are on a path to a worse out come than Greece. We are much more…


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Road to Repeal Week - Events You Don't Want to Miss

Road to Repeal Rally Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 12pm Upper Senate Park, Washington, DC (Map)


Fellow Patriots,

The Road to Repeal Rally is almost here and we thought you would want to know about these very important events. This week is turning into Road to Repeal…


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If Cuts Aren't Immediate, They Are Meaningless

Ron Paul put forward his budget with one trillion cuts in the first year and balances the budget in four years, see here Take a good look at it because this is the type of cuts that caused the remarkable recovery in the "recession that wasn't" in 1922.…


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Super Tuesday and the 33%

Ron Paul did extrordinairily well last night. Why you ask? When only 33% of the population is in the free market getting 41% of the vote against Romney in Virginia is extraordinary. These 33% don't receive Government subsidies or entitlements, don't work for government and are not a part of the 1% super wealthy. We must keep in mind that some of…


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