One of the hardest aspects of growing up in Washington DC and, since 2009, earnestly fighting for our country, has been to successfully navigate among toxic, bad and deeply troubled people in and around the Washington DC establishment. The less personal power, confidence in God and self-reliance people have the more prone they are to doing bad things and being toxic.

There are those happy few that have a strength born of a deep and abiding faith. They can remain peaceful among the fury. They have become accustom to telling the truth, they remain true to their principles and do not fear the consequences though they may indeed be costly.


A few hard won tips:

1. Avoid toxic people and if you can not, in good humor convey the message and move on. If you allow them to distract you, they have won.

2. Anticipate toxic people for their manipulations and techniques are easy to see if you are not emotionally engaged. A parent who has successfully raised a troubled teenager is a good source for advice.

3. Set boundaries. Don't allow yourself to be used by them. They are looking to illicit a response, don't bite the baited hook. Don't let guilt, outrage or injury cause you to act without thought. When you see it, call it for what it is and return to the message.

4. Don't defend yourself. They will accuse, complain or play the victim. Don't fall for it.


The best piece of advice I can convey is that we are ALL fallible inside and out of the family. When those persons you love hurt you, give it up to Him. Understand that this battle to limit government is much like the civil war in that brother and sister, father and child, pastor and parishioner are all engaged in the battle with many who you least expect and most rely upon.. misled by the enormity of the falsehoods, the odds and maybe afraid or ignorant of the solution. For me, reliance in God has been the only reliable refuge.


We must be our own rock within the storm thru Him so that others may see, adopt and follow in the firmness of our principles and the fortitude, temperance, justice and mercy that comes thru Him. Take care of yourself. Strategic retreat allows us perspective. Don't underestimate its value and don't over-estimate the damage you can do to yourself if you do not occasionally take a break.


We've Super Tuesday coming up so I'll take my own advice and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I hope you do too and let's then win this, the greatest battle of our generation.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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