Action Alert: Call your Reps to Stop Amnesty & Tea Party Patriots Call at 1pm

Larcenous Government in both parties will always hold us hostage to some destructive measure in order to spend more. They are systematically impoverishing Americans and legal immigrants. Even the Washington Post admits the US Government is the second largest Government in Fascism and Crony Socialism in the world. See here

As it is, government is actively participating in human trafficking. We need to demand that they cease it, to end all incentives to come here illegally and to end the $1.2 trillion in Corporate Welfare that has our government directly paying for human trafficking.

Congressman Tom Price is proposing in the Unconstitutional Lame Duck an extension (and increase) of most spending a year into the new Congress, robbing the voter of their vote and our new duly elected Representatives of their Constitutional duties. Our job is to demand the ONLY cure, net cuts, every time, as the ONLY choices on the table in negotiations. See Negotiations Skills 101 to reduce government here

For this reason, I need your help. Tea Party Patriots is having a conference call today. I've requested that they discuss net cuts. They let it be known last night that they will not fight for net cuts which effectively would stop Executive Amnesty while addressing the cure to all that ails us, Big larcenous Government in both parties.

If Tea Party Patriots doesn't call for less government, who will? The answer is, we must. Government will ALWAYS attempt to hold us hostage to some terrible destructive spending, regulation or otherwise injurious policy. They need a fall guy. They want Obama as the fall guy till their brand of tyranny, they hope, is elected in two years. However, they will ALWAYS find an excuse. "Someday" we'll elect the "right" people, is not a reason to not fight today when government has the unlimited use of our money to determine who is elected in both parties.

The only cure is to demand cuts in spending now and every time, no matter how government tries to pins us to the wall with threats to our economic well being. Today we may hear how Tea Party Patriots has been coopted by the Larcenous Class OR we may convince them that our job is to demand cuts no matter how their political consultants argue to NOT fight big govt. Time is NOT our friend and please remember, when the GOP controlled Congress and the White House, they grew spending, relentlessly harming us and ushering in Obama and Democrat control, which led to disastrous Obamacare.

Here is the call details at 1 pm EST. Send an email this morning demanding that Tea Party Patriots goes on offense to demand net cuts in spending and NO extension of ANY budget beyond the new term of our duly elected representatives. 

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

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In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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Comment by Ken K on December 1, 2014 at 7:05am

Thanks for the heads-up Lisa, and especially the request for spending cuts!!! Spending and a Balanced Budget are where we as "tea partiers" we need to focus! In Liberty, Ken Kreitz

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