Action Alert: McConnell & Boehner's Abdication

McConnell gave Reid future Debt Limit Increases needs a veto-proof majority to stop increases. This is worse that just giving in to Obamacare. McConnell abdicates his leadership position and role in the Senate, "..agreement includes language for a “resolution of disapproval” that would allow Congress to disapprove of a debt-ceiling increase, as opposed to approving one like it does now. That would mean that, as long as the debt-limit increase is not explicitly disapproved by both chambers with a veto-proof majority, the debt-limit would increase.


Here is Matt Bevin, McConnell's primary candidate. Please considering being a multiple donor and help with long distant phone banking if you don't live in Kentucky.


Don't believe the hype about raising the debt ceiling:


John Boehner also abdicated. The feed back I'm getting are folks are saying they are done with him and saying they are done with a powerless majority in the House.


Here are John Boehner's primary candidates:

J.D. Winteregg

Eric Gurr.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

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