Action Alert: The #CuresAct is a Cancer. Contact ur Rep & Senator to vote "No" today!

Dear Patriots,

Contact your Senators and Representatives to vote NO on the #CuresAct.

Speaker Ryan and Rep Fred Upton made a deal to redistribute our money to "invest" in medical boondoggles, a cronies dream, rather than legislate a free market that produced massive innovation in America.

The FDA stream-lining could have been done in a stand alone bill.

Government is the cause of many social ills from locking kids up in failed govt monopoly schools, to robbing the private sector of their rights, responsibilities and opportunities, thus depriving millions of meaningful work, while rewarding less productive people with 140% compensation above the private market.

Despite it's utopian name, #CuresAct is nothing but another cancer pushed by Republicans for Joe Biden. This time, it's Speaker Ryan who is pulling the trigger to deeply harm us.

In liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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Comment by Ken K on November 30, 2016 at 12:18pm

Hey Lisa!!! Glad to see you're still "in the game" with the WashingtonDC Tea Party!!! Maybe I've missed some of your activities here (of course not on FB) but I've actually wondered off and on over the past few months!!! It's time to get this "Tea Party thing" ramped up again.......

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