All Corruption Is Local: Placing Blinders On the Absurd



     What A Day!  You could easily draw the sword of the pen from its sheath to attack or defend a multitude of topics.  I could easily press my blade against the flesh of Governor Mitt Romney's inability to knock out his opponents, thus causing a Brokered Grand Ol' Party (GOP) Convention in Tampa this August.  Romney was beaten so badly that even the Media wept at his great loss.  The FOX All-Star Team was at a great loss to explain how Conservatives in Alabama and Mississippi were not fawning over the Beloved "Front Runner".  Romney beaten so badly by Conservatives in the South that he came out this morning proclaiming his disdain for Planned Parenthood.  Clutch the pearls, this is better than him eating "cheesy grits".  One could easily press the mighty lead across multiple sheets, ceasing the moment to discuss, ad nausea,  the great accomplishments of Rick Santorum and his sidekick, Newt Gingrich.  However, I will save that for the more accurate and witty striker of note, the esteemed analyst Kirsten Powell, ever captivating,  attractive, in spite of the minutiae that spills from her lips or submit to the "well researched drivel" of Stanley Fish.  Carrying on such sensations about the GOP Presidential Proceedings truly bore me.  It is called a campaign!  Yes, an organized process by which combatants choose various hostile strategies to achieve a singular objective.  If these men were not gladiators then, we would be worthy of five (5) to six (6) hours of Brett Brier and Meghan Kelly.  No, my fingers delight this moment in a more captivating prose.

     Perusing the latest edition of the most Far Left, racist circular remaining in the Nation's Capitol, I took preeminent note of its Front Page Story.  Surely, its editors had designed the headline in such an ornate manner apart from all other such stories.  As editors do, in parlaying to the noble reader relevance and striking symbolism, the headlines served as the community's talking point, judge and jury of the enforcement actions of a federal agency investigating the multiple campaign fraud allegations against the District of Columbia's Mayor and City Council Members.  The Headline:

Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio Stands Strong in Wake of Raid

Co-Founder: 'Firm's Good Works Overlooked'

Why do I cling to this?  I shall illuminate some and bring to remembrance for others the plenteous and harmful reasons for the absence of alternative narrative in the local world of politics.  It is the control of  the narrative that separates truth and its liberating spirit from the vices and deceits of oppressive ideologies.  Republicans, those that harbor their influences from the Heartland of America to the docks of their Capitol Hill offices, often ask, "Why can we not get minorities to join us?"  Local Urban Conservatives, seemingly separated by Iron Curtain, seem satisfied with the prevailing winds of punditry.  Offered the wine of "most Black Republicans have moved to the Suburbs" and the bread of "Nobody in the Inner City likes the Republicans", many return to their pew of despair acknowledging once again that, while we have communed at distance with the One that shares our passion, we shall never know the power of the liberation that comes with communion.  Each, the Republican Party and Urban Conservatives, seem to pass in the night while our inner cities falter like the Titanic.  There must be a moment when each discovers that "It's the Narrative, Stupid!" and begin to control the message that is received from our messengers.


     In this series, I will alight many to the fact that "All Corruption Is Local".  This message is essential to establishing the foundation of power acquisition within Urban America.  To understand the absence of power sharing in Urban America, you have to study the phrase, "It speaks".   A Walt Carr drawn cartoon, entitled "WHEN YOU'VE NEVER BEEN ON THE OTHER SIDE", appears in the aforementioned circular.  It distinguishes two characters: O'Reilly (representing the oppressive white folk) and Black Folk (representing All of Black Folk).  O'Reilly portends, "I heard what he said and I don't sense any racial overtones."  Emboldened, the Black Folk responds, "You know what...You Don't Sense It, You Don't See It, You Don't Feel It, You Don't Hear It, You Don't Smell It, You Don't Live It and You Sure As Hell Don't Get It!"  The stark revelations emitted from this 'toon would energize a slug to investigate the best methodologies to tear down the Iron Curtain.  Let's Play CSI: Conservative.

     The Racist, Far Left Black Press has made itself folly to those of reason and hero to those blinded by the absurd.  The Racist, Far Left Black Press purports a symbolism of unity in both of the characters.  It is far better for those that are too lazy to investigate beyond the handiest, historical stereotypes to explore the varied insights of a community.  The Racist, Far Left Black Press never relents from the tired exposition of WHITE CONSERVATIVE is the oppressor and BLACK LIBERAL is the freedom fighter.  When comparing periods of economic expansion, educational achievement and overall quality of life during times when "oppressors" and "freedom fighters" controlled the thrones of power, BLACK FOLK seemed to excel during periods of "oppression".  During periods when freedom fighters held power, BLACK FOLK seemed to pale in economic comparison.   The Racist, Far Left portends that such comparisons are anomalies and that "token" conservatives that make such comparisons feed the lies of the O'Reilly.  The strength of the Racist, Far Left hence, represents the weakness of the freedom fighters.  The Bunker Buster of Truth can not be distorted with reason.  The hole exists.  You can sense it.  You can see it.  You feel it.  You heard the blast.  You smell roil of sulfur and clay.  You have experienced it momentary liberation.  You have a sliver of comprehension.  Hurry, Racist, Far Left Press before the reality becomes actualized.

The man said he hates the witch-hunt quality of the allegations, adding that he hoped the media would give Thompson a fair shake. He also blamed Sulaimon Brown for the city's political unrest.

When challenged to employ reason to the hallmarks of truth, the Racist, Far Left Black Press must explain it away with propaganda.   Hopefully after years of muffling freedom fighters realities with sensational zeal, the people shall surely not rise up against those in power.  They will verily slumber.  Even pass this off as a result of their plight as a city that has no Voting Congressional Representation.  The people will not see it all for what it is.  How can a man point out the unrighteousness of Far Left freedom fighter causing such dramatic unrest?  Does he know how much "good" has been done too such noble causes as Planned Parenthood and the NAACP?   We must remember that this pursuit of justice is not fair.  Certainly, if the mayor and city council were WHITE then, the "oppressors" would not be investigated, have their homes raided and their good name smeared!  Placing Blinders on the Absurd is essential to restoring those to the balance of victim-hood and powerlessness.  To the Far Left, race really is not a problem.  It is a solution.  A means of dividing, conquering and imprisoning.  The Racist, Far Left Black Press are the guardsmen of the sensational narrative that employs the strategy of elevating people, personalities and propaganda above principles, prudence and personal pursuit.


     As the Informer opines that "War Is Hell", it is essential that those of strong will guard their narrative as sternly as they guard their hearts.  Before we conquer the people, personalities and propaganda of the Racist, Far Left Black Press, we must begin to chip away at the "Iron Curtain" that separates Conservatives from liberating Urban America.  Our success is directly attributed to our ability to comprehend the culture and influence the issues of Urban America.  Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil succinctly advised, "All politics is local."  I submit, "All corruption is local."  Corruption is defined as:

  1. Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.
  2. The action of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being so.
The Racist, Far Left Black Press has done wonders to shield its "friends" for relevant inquisition by constituents and reporters alike.  Dishonestly, they have bandied about the notion that Urban America is the seat of "the least, the last and the lost."  Fraudulently, they have overlooked the character flaws of many politicians simply for the fruits of access and financial subsidy.  Self-preservation prevails over corporate responsibility and the liberal expectations of personal responsibility.  Such efforts have debilitated citizens from holding their public servants accountable and has produced a people resistant to employ their Constitutional Right to Vote because it will avail little in return.  There is a passage of Scripture in the Gospel of John that advises, "And ye shall know the truth and the the truth shall make you free."   Freedom is the least concern for the Racist, Far Left Black Press.  It is unattainable unless all of life is fair or made fair.  The Racist, Far Left Black Press eschews the Just to live by Fairness.
     There are three things that Conservatives must do in order to assuage corruption and remove the blinders.  Firstly, worship together.  Find one day in which you visit an Urban worship center.  Our founding fathers knew that only a moral people could abide by the US Constitution.  Sacrifice comfort, both Black Conservative and all others, and find a date to worship together.  Holding Pastors accountable for what they say will inevitably push them closer to exploring the Word that they preach.  In doing so, they will find it easier to approach the issues of the world without blaming the past for future outcomes.  Secondly, invest in the Urban Conservative Talk Marketplace.  There are many Americans of variant hue that wish to proclaim the principles of conservatism and educate a people that have grown nearly one hundred years apart from their conservative heritage.  The battle is an all consuming one and requires resources.  Support local conservative radio stations and commentators through advertising, equipment or other resources.  We once flew over nations and dropped leaflets about liberty.  Help us drop conservatism on the air waves of Urban America.  Finally, encourage local organizations that promote conservative principles.  When was the last time there was a Boy Scout meeting at your church or school?  There are a lot of single mothers that would like their sons influenced by strong male personas.  Encourage organizations that are teaching conservative principles or campaigning for conservative candidates.  We must know that it is more important for a people to learn conservative principles than register as a Republican.  While one will prevail over an election, the other will prevail over generations.  This is not a battle for the hearts of a people.  This is a war to overcome corruption and remove the blinders from the eyes of the real oppressed.

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