An Agreeable Election Discussion: Rove vs Trippi

I consider the following video a critical guide to establishment thinking about election strategy.


Note that Karl Rove emphasizes that focus groups are REALLY concerned with American avoiding the fate of Greece and in the next breath says (and I'm paraphrasing) that doesn't mean cutting government only cutting the growth of government.


This demonstrates why there are such minor disagreements between Rove and Trippi and they can both appear agreeable. Anticipate based upon Rove's Cheney/Wyoming comment about bringing votes across party lines to reflect establishment preference for a neo-con Vice Presidential candidate.


Neither party intends to avoid the fate of Greece. There is a clear and compelling reason why we need to continue to fight. Please make note that establishment conservative groups want to increase their wins based upon politicians that really should be retired as demonstrated by Dick Lugar's loss of vigor. They'll only pursue those they are likely to win. This gives you the roadmap to their support for local and State candidates.

 In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC


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