Chapter 7 Social Security and Medicare

Entitlements are NOT guarenteed and hence they can and WILL be reformed and privatized either now, while we have an opportunity to supplement them or later when we are too feable to defend ourselves and have no additional funds to derive either income and access to medical care outside the debased and bankrupt govt program.

We could do a lump sum payout that funds a minimal safety for social security income and premium for healthcare for everyone now recieving it and on a sliding scale for those contributing to it now. The Fed must simultaneously return interest rates to reflect market risk without bailouts.


We need to privatize entitlements to make them ours, flexible and inheritable. Historical returns on private Social Security accounts are double the payout in the lower income bracket and almost triple in the higher income level in Texas, where three countries got a waiver from social security.


In States that repeal mandates, privatize and defund State owned and subsidized facilities, seniors use their own "Senior Care Accounts" to purchase a variety of health plans and premium levels depending on their resources and conscience. States and local could do premium supports for the poor if they feel they must. It should NOT be subsidized at a Federal level.


We need to end mandates and government run or subsidize business and return social spending to the State, local and civic and individual charity. Ask your reperesentatives today to back legislation that let's us out of the system, to end forever this hostage situation with profligate and unaccountable politicians and governemnt bureaucrats.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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