The CR, Budget Negotiation Tactics and Better Choices

The CR (Continuing Resolution) that Speaker Boehner had Hal Rogers (KY) prepare is a short-term CR at current budget levels. However, riders can be attached. Here are the riders I'd attach:

Cut 5% off the top to all Corporations, non-for-profits and government agencies who benefit from amnesty.

Time sensitive trigger rider:

For every week Obama and the Democrats delay, cut an additional 1% from all Corporate Welfare.

If nothing done by deadline, shut down the 17% of government that can be till the new Congress.

Please share this idea with your Senators and Representatives. This is an example of a negotiation tactic that should always result in a net cut to government spending because all the options are net cuts.

As this will trigger jobs, we must also contract the monetary base to stave off hyper-inflation as dollars pour back into the US and out of every bank account to get back into the business of living.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

PS: Please keep in mind that GOP led States have increased taxes and are broadening their use of cronyism to stay in power and grow government. The only cure is to kill as much of the $1.2 trillion in Corporate Cronyism and then 18 months later devolve back to the States a proportionate amount of welfare for individuals as the jobs will be there to make them relatively painless.

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