Cronyism vs Capitalism - Romney vs Paul

I've no problem with Bain & Company being in the business of taking advantage of failure often destroyed by govt tax, policy, subsidies and regulation.  I DO have a problem him using those same govt manipulations in tax, policy, subsidies and regs in his plan to favor "his cronies" (Bail out banks) rather than America.

Bailed out banks are supporting ROmney bacause they want to profit on the sownside of the misery they helped create with government. Now our money is being used against us to buy endorsements..most heavily in New Hampshire. See here

The Club for Growth just called Ron Paul's economic plan "spectacular". The critical difference is Dr. Paul wants to end crony capitalism that is the root cause of America's declining strength. See here

See Ron Paul's plan here, truly spectacular and something ANY competent business person, real Tea Partier or red blooded American can support

Please see here an great statistical analysis of why "safe" + "moderate" does NOT equal electibility.

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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