Democrats Final Solution to Unsustainable Govt Run "Healthcare"

New York Democrats just passed abortion to birth legislation. Abortion to Birth and Assisted "Suicide" are being pushed in every State. Any attempts to stop it such as in Iowa are defeated in the progressive Courts. Listen to Kathy Tran in Virginia as she proposes killing children even as their mothers are in labor In communist Vietnam they kill 40% of unborn children and many of the abortionist aren't doctors just as the New York law permits non-doctors to kill unborn children.

The New York law even robs a mother of a wanted child who is killed in an attack against the mother (imagine the man who doesn't want to pay child support) from pursuing murder charges.

Donald Trump protected Obamacare by insisting on maintaining "pre-existing conditions" despite HIPAA providing that protection in State run plans.

The GOP failed to repeal Obamacare fully as they promised. To be clear, both parties are responsible for this tread toward the "Final Solution".

Even Cardinal Dolan and the US Catholic Conference of Bishops are responsible as they went along with Obamacare as long as their Constitutional Rights were protected. Never mind their flocks' Rights.

The cowardice demonstrated by 99% shows me why the Germans voted in Hitler and legalized the Holocaust.

I'm praying for our Nation. This is what the Tea Party fought so hard to defeat. The betrayal of the Republican Party and so many churches will go down in history as the worst betrayal in our History.

Praying for our Nation.

Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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