It is increasingly clear that both parties have despots in their ranks. Despite the Tea Party's clear assistance in gaining a majority in the House, the GOP has ignored the mandate we gave them and continue to recklessly and irresponsibily spend. The contempt both parties have for the American people knows no bounds.

See Senator Demint's review of the increases in spending by Republicans and the collusion and doubling down by the Democrats. He offers the clear alternative that stops the abuse. 

Here is another important review by Redstate 

It is clear despite Ron Paul's age that he is the only hope to stop this spending. Given both parties addiction, his election doesn't guarentee that he'll be able to stop them by veto. There is collusion. What he can do though through the bully pit, is help replace both parties' representatives in the mid-term election and use every constitutional executive power to stop the insanity.


In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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