Freedomworks and Trojan Horses - Call Freedomworks Today!

Take a close look at the below legislation that establishes State Healthcare Exchanges, a means of redistributing the cost of folks who have pre-existing conditions from diet induce diabetes and smokers to cancer patients who can afford their own coverage but lobby to transfer their costs to others. This is a Trojan Horse dressed up as Freedom and NO acceptable compromise.


It sounds ideal until you realize, buried deep within it is another socialist idea and an expansion of government entitlement, a form of Romneycare.

See the rest of what Freedomworks is endorsing (read carefully) to supplant Obamacare when under our Constitution the Federal government should NOT be subsidizing social spending, a State and individual responsibility. Mandates need to be repealed on a Federal and State level and the free market would provide as one of the many choices a cadillac plan as Rand Paul suggests, but it shouldn't be legislated on a Federal level much less on a State level. If there is a market for it, it will be offered in a "free market".


Another Trogan Horse Freedomworks is pushing is "School Choice" which is drifting ever further into government single payor education rather than ending the Department of Education and forcing States to privatize and move to a fully portable education benefit for the poor ONLY which would reestablsih a competitive market and cap government employee pension and healthcare benefits.

When government gets between the parent and school, this is what happens:

"Swedes Wrestle with Homeschooling Ban - In 2010, the Swedish parliament passed a 1,500-page law that went into effect last summer outlawing homeschooling and forcing private schools to teach the government curriculum (no praying, no alternative teaching approaches, etc.). The 50-100 families affected by the homeschooling provisions are not all knuckling under. The Hammarnejd family, for example, has already left the country and settled elsewhere. Swedish Home Education Association chief Jonas Himmelstrand was forced to flee with his family early this year. Domenic Johansson, 7 at the time, was seized by Swedish police while on a plane with his parents waiting to take off to a new home in India, sparking an international outcry. He has been separated from his parents ever since. Other families are preparing cases for the European Court. Apparently, in Sweden, children are state property. The Left can only achieve its aims through ugly coercion." Chris Wright


Please call Freedomworks and ask them why they are promoting tactics that lead to more government redistribution and an excuse for more regulation in healthcare and education at 1.888.564.6273 or local at 202.783.3870. Matt Kibbe is the President.


In Liberty,


Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC


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