Greeks voted against reality. They want to stay in the Euro and not pay their debts. It is supreme irony that the New York Times should so clearly communicate the delusion and desperation the people are functioning under. They are in retreat rather than confronting reality and articulate a just way to implement necessary cuts for their own people. If they don't grow up, Europe will have to force them to grow up.

It takes 16 Countries to vote out Greece. Clearly there will be difficulty  in forming a coalition government hence elections will likly take place soon. I hope the Greeks look for responsible adults who can cut government, privatize and reset regulation and oversight to competitive markets. Let's hope this is what the other Socialist, European Countries encourage and then enforce.

When our time comes, there will be no one to bail us out and if the blood letting continues we'll have lost great swaths of ownership in our own country as government continues to buy up land and sovereign banks set up shop as their citizens purchase citizenship here for a $500,000 investment.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul appears to be collecting quite a few delegates. Politico reviews his strategy. Here is another likely award winning Ron Paul Ad.

Here is Mitt Romney rejecting fiscal sanity as he compares his crony plan to Ron Paul's budget.

And much as I detest Sweden's socialist state, with natural resources to soften some of the blow, were smart enough to do what President Harding, Coolidge and Cleveland did, deeply and immediately cut spending, tax and regulation and now they are growing at over 5 percent. See here

In Liberty,

Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC

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